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Trish Torrales to Face Jury in FOX’s American Idol

By Maxime Devillaz

On Thursday, Jan. 15, senior Broadcasting major Trish Torrales will be a contestant for the Brooklyn auditions of American Idol season XIV. The 21-year-old Long Island-based musician has already passed three jury rooms, in order to face the show’s celebrity trio on TV.


Each day auditioning has been 8-12 hours long, full of nervous anticipation. But, supportive souls around her have helped Torrales not to overthink. ”I tried to cope with the situation by keeping myself distracted with my family up until I had to go into the room,” Torrales said.

Torrales describes her genre as classic rock with a bluesy, southern feel. She provides both lead vocals and plays guitar for her often self-written lyrics. But what sets her apart is her distinct voice; she possesses a raspy tone described by listeners as a mix of Alanis Morissette, Lorde, and Ann Wilson.

American Idol is known as a platform for solo artists to take the next big step in their career.    However, Torrales is moving toward a change in her musical approach. ”I’m actually in the process of rebranding my image into more of a band feel rather than a solo artist,” Torrales said.

The Brooklyn auditions of American Idol will air on Thursday, Jan. 15, at 8 p.m. on FOX.

A link to the Pioneers April 23, 2014 story about Trish Torrales can be found at:

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