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TV Review: 2 Broke Girls

Chantell Moore

If you are looking for a show to offer you some laughs, then take a look at CBS’ new comedy 2 Broke Girls. It’s about Max (Kat Dennings), a brooklyn waitress that decides to take in Caroline (Beth Behrs), a former rich girl who is penniless and homeless after her father is sent to jail. Eventually, they become friends, and, together, the two not only end up living together but also come up with the idea to open up a cupcake shop. At the end of every episode, it even shows how much money the girls earn and inform us that they are putting it toward the goal of $250,000, which they need to open their cupcake shop.

The show is turning out to be one of the best that has aired this fall. It is not only an interesting storyline, but it is also really hilarious, too. The lead actresses, Kat and Beth, are great together. Even though the characters they play are complete opposites to one another – Max being the tough and serious jokester, and Caroline being optimistic, friendly and organized – they have good chemistry. The other supporting cast members also add laughs to the show. Han (Matthew Moy), Max and Caroline’s boss who attempts to be cool, Earl (Garrett Morris), the cashier at the restaurant, Oleg (Jonathan Kite) the cook that hits on Max and Caroline often, Peach Landis (Brooke Lyons), a spoiled socialite who Max also works for as a nanny for her babies, and Johnny (Nick Zano), a bartender and graffiti artist who has a romantic interest in Max. So, if you enjoy a show with a good plot, humor, some memorable lines, and enjoyable characters, this show is perfect for you.

The show airs on CBS on Mondays at 8:30 p.m., and I highly suggest giving it a chance.

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