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TV Review: “Are You There, Chelsea?”

Paul Kalis


“Are You There, Chelsea?”- Midseason Update

Airs Wednesday’s at 8:30 p.m. on NBC

Laura Prepon stars in NBC’s newest comedy, “Are You There, Chelsea?” based on actress/comedian Chelsea Handler’s 2008 best-selling book, “Are You There, Vodka?”

Chelsea, played by Prepon, is a cocktail waitress, friend, daughter, sister, and “advanced drinker” who works at Jerry’s Ultimate Sports Bar in New Jersey. She works with her childhood friend Olivia (Ali Wong), bartender Rick (Jake McDorman), and bar back Todd (Mark Povinelli). Chelsea and Olivia just moved in with Dee Dee (Lauren Lapkus), who was sheltered growing up. Author Chelsea Handler has a recurring role as Chelsea’s sister, Sloane. Both of them have nothing in common.

Definitely tune in if you are a Laura Prepon fan. You may remember her as the redhead next door from Eric Forman on FOX’s “That 70’s Show” and as Hannah Jane Daniels on ABC’s “October Road.” It’s great to see her back on television. Chelsea certainly gets mixed up in some sticky situations, such as getting arrested and making out with a woman in the holding tank. However, this show was not as enjoyable as it could have been. Yes, the sheltered Dee Dee is a hub of jokes, but Chelsea and Olivia mock and don’t respect their new roommate. They want to change her into what they have become. Olivia is also a journalist who regrets becoming one. Somebody has to put the news together, such as the team that assembles this weekly paper. These characters have limitations in their peripheral vision, which may make it harder for them to grow and for viewers to connect with any one particular character.


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