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TV Review: Beauty and the Beast

Cecilie Nag
Features Editor

“Beauty and the Beast” is filled with killings, fights, beautiful faces, and secrets waiting to be revealed. But don’t waste your time on this show. It’s 42 minutes of waiting for something to surprise you, only to find that it never will.

If you expect a Disney fairytale with a hairy beast rescued by a beautiful Belle, you will be disappointed. Why? Because “the beast” is a handsome doctor with a scar, hiding at his best friend’s place (for the record, not a castle).

With Krisin Kreuk (Smallville) and Jay Ryan in the leading roles, the CW uses its regular formula of good-looking actors to attract viewers. There’s only one problem: The plot is stupid. It’s so predictable, you’re smiling. Not because it’s funny, but because it’s bad.

Cat Chandler (Kreuk) and Vincent Keller (Ryan) cross paths for the first time in 2003, when Kreuk’s mom gets shot and killed, and Cat is saved by a mysterious person. In the aftermath, everyone convinces her that this “beast” was all in her head.

Nine years later, Cat is a homicide detective in New York. Of course, most of her co-workers are ridiculously attractive, and have no problems solving crimes while still looking gorgeous. In one case, Vincent’s DNA shows up. Kind of weird, since Vincent was confirmed dead nine years earlier. Oh, well. I already knew that.

“The beast,” Jay Ryan, joined the military after losing his two brothers in the Twin Towers attack. He was chosen for a secret project and when adrenaline kicks in, he becomes a “beast” with non-human abilities of speed, fighting, and more. Now, the military wants to cover their experiment and they’re chasing Vincent to kill him. Through the investigation, their paths cross again and Cat finds out that “the beast” that saved her exists after all.

Don’t waste time. Avoid tuning into CW on Thursday’s at 8 p.m.

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