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TV Review: Harry’s Law

Paul Kalis

Harry’s Law
The legal comedy-drama starring Kathy Bates as Harriet “Harry” Korn entered its second season with an entire revamp of the series.
Harry, a recently fired patent lawyer, sees the good in people even when everything says they are guilty. She runs her office out of a shoe store with her associate Adam Branch (Nate Corddry), an attorney who accidentally hit her with his car. One can’t forget big boy Thomas “Tommy” Jefferson (Christopher McDonald), Harry’s attorney friend who is known for his commercials and big performance he puts on for each trial. In each episode, someone in need from the impoverished neighborhood where Harry set up shop is helped in a very touching way.
This season saw two prominent characters step into the shadows. McDonald’s character has been upgraded to series regular. To offset the balance, Oliver Richard (Mark Valley), an attorney that worked at the firm that fired Harry, and Cassie Reynolds (Karen Olivo), a lawyer Harry hires after expanding, join the firm which is now located upstairs and out of the quaint shoe store. Tommy relocated his office to share in Harry’s new space. So far, Harry has not defended someone from the neighborhood. The emphasis of the hood seems to have disappeared. The new atmosphere and shift in clientele reminds me of ABC’s “The Whole Truth” which aired last year. That show was cancelled after six episodes. The charm of the original 13 episode season has followed its characters into the shadows but Harry is still Harry. My ruling, a B-.

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