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TV Review: Malibu Country

Paul Kalis
Arts and Entertainment Editor

When Reba Gallagher (Reba McEntire) discovers that her husband, Bobby (Jeffrey Nordling), a country music legend, has cheated, her world is turned upside down. Reba, who dreamt of becoming a country star herself, packs up her mother, Lillie Mae (Lily Tomlin), and two kids, and heads for California to begin a new life in their Malibu residence. Reba gets to know their neighbor Kim (Sara Rue) and her son, Sage, but also discovers that their relocation is going to be an adjustment. The West Coast is a polar opposite of Nashville and Reba feels like an outsider.

ABC is going country with the comedy “Malibu Country” and drama “Nashville”. Both new shows focus on two older females and their struggle to make it in the biz. McEntire and Tomlin steal this show while the kids don’t serve a purpose and can get annoying after a while. Like the rest of Reba’s family, her son speaks with a southern accent but her daughter does not. This does not make sense considering they all lived together in the south. In the pilot, Reba’s character constantly points out an elephant in the room, questioning Sages sexuality, which may alienate some viewers. The pilot could have been a bit more comedic with characters that are a bit more well rounded.

Malibu Country airs Fridays at 8:30 pm on ABC following the move of Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing.” Unlike “Malibu Country,” “Last Man Standing” has a unique family ensemble.

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