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TV Review: Pretty Little Liars Season Finale

Alex Parker

Well, folks, we’ve been duped! I had an idea that “A” was going to be Mona because a friend let it slip that that’s how the book series ends. They threw us off the “A” scent when Mona accompanies Spencer to “A’s” evil lair. But as soon as Spencer took the Spearmint gum wrapper out of the book, I knew. Then, at the last second, it is revealed that Mona is just another pawn in “A’s” master plan.

Getting off the “A” trail for a minute, we have Ezra and Aria. It seems as though they are over, as Ezra gets fired and tells Aria he is going to go stay with his parents. Then, at the masquerade ball, the typical prince charming he is, he surprises her. If that isn’t gut wrenching and heartwarming enough, he takes off both of their masks and tells her that he wants to see her during their first dance. Then, of course, we have Spencer and Toby, who share one heck of a kiss as the girls leave the police station.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the Season 2 finale and cannot wait to see what PLL’s creator, Marlene King, has in store for us on ABC Family’s June 5th Season 3 premiere.

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