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TWIce as Nice: New Club for Twins and Friends

Jazlyn Beltre
Staff Writer

“It’s not about being a twin, it’s about being a family,” said Adina Oditt, TWIce as Nice Public Relations Coordinator, about LIU Post’s new club,. The first meeting was held in the Pioneer Room in Hillwood Commons on Thursday, September 20, at 5 p.m.

“When we heard about how many twins are on cam¬pus, we thought we needed to start a club,” said Bria-Letã Greene, twin and co-president of TWIce as Nice. Some letters in TWIce as Nice are written in capitals purposely, according to the club’s Executive Board, because the capital letters spell out twin. The Executive Board of TWIce as Nice consists of Co-Presidents and twins Bria-Letã and Tia-Monã Greene, Co-Vice Presidents Natasha Dunbar and Ivanna Fortunado, twins Adina Oditt, Public Relations Coordinator, and Serena Oditt, Secretary, Treasurer Denell German, and Special Events Planner Con¬nor Carey, who has a twin that does not attend LIU Post.

Tia-Monã Greene explained that it was at the ACP club that the board members became good friends. “That club got re¬ally close over the [last] year,” stated Greene, “because we all stayed in the club and went to every meeting, and now that club – we’re like one big family. And, that’s another reason we started this, because we wanted to bring the whole campus really close, like a family.”

The E-Board, who has two and a half sets of twins, ex¬presses that the club is not only for students who have twins, but it is also open to students who wish they had twins, as well as students who just have friends and are looking to make more. “We started [the club] together,” said Dunbar, “because it’s not only about twins. I thought I would feel just as good and welcome to be a part of the club.”

The club’s E-Board began the first meeting with a few ice¬breakers, beginning with facts about “twinning,” like the fact that conceiving twins does not skip a generation and that there are approximately 20 students at Post who have a twin that does not attend the school. The group’s membership consists of approximately 20 students, containing two sets of twins, two other members that are twins but their twin does not attend LIU Post, and a student who is one in a set of quintuplets. They then segued into a game where the club’s E-Board and members participated. During the game, you could feel the initial nervousness of new¬comers evaporate.

“The club’s actually cool and upbeat,” said Jessy Pierre, club member and non-twin. “The club has a lot of activities planned and it’s interesting.”

During the meeting, the E-Board for TWIce as Nice announced many upcoming events planned for this year, and others it wishes to plan with help from the other members. The club has planned twin obstacle courses, where you must complete the obstacle course while being tied to your partner; campus twin day, where friends can dress alike and come to the club for photos and souvenirs; twin Q & A, where people can ask twins questions about being a twin; speed dating; a male auction; and a snow ball, a formal event where the E-Board, along with other organizations, will host a ball for students, and more. The E-Board was also open to some events that members suggested during the meeting such as a scavenger hunt, a car wash fundraiser, and a murder mystery. Dates for these events soon to be disclosed.

“The club appealed to me because it has a sense of community,” said member Shannon McCarthy, whose twin is also a member of the club, “I enjoy being able to share our special bond [as twins] and meet others on campus.” McCarthy added that she was really ex¬cited for the club and its up¬coming events. TWIce as Nice meets on Thursdays at 5 p.m. in the Pioneer Room in Hillwood Commons. For more information, you can contact the TWIce as Nice E-Board for more information at

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