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Twisted Taco

By Amanda Leung
Contributing Writer

When looking for a new food option, Twisted Taco, opening on campus this fall, will be sure to satiate those with the love for Mexican food.

The first Twisted Taco location was founded in 2002 by Paul Gibbs and Ray Sieradzki. The franchise’s new location in Hillwood Commons next to Subway will be the first one in the Northeast. Their other locations are located down South in: Georgia, Tennessee and Oklahoma. University of Tennessee, Emory University and Georgia Tech are just some of their on-campus locations.

Photo: Amanda Leung
Photo: Amanda Leung

The Twisted Taco campus restaurant opened this fall when LIU Post students returned for the fall semester. According to franchise manager, Darlene Walker, they decided to have an unofficial showcase of their Mexican cuisine while the Summer Honors Institute students were on campus from July 12 to 17. During their showcase, the restaurant offered just a small selection from their full menu, including a variety of street tacos (about seven) and different nacho options.

When Twisted Taco officially opens this fall, customers can expect a lot more from a bigger menu. However, their menu won’t be the complete one that can be found at their street stores, since the LIU Post location is smaller.

Starting this fall, not only will they serve tacos and chips, but they will also be offering quesadillas, salads and customized meals. Customers can choose to have either chicken, steak, ground beef, pork, shrimp or fish in their tacos.

For many college students, Chipotle and Moe’s are their current go-to Mexican restaurants, since they offer a pick-and-choose style menu. However, Walker believes that Twisted Taco is a lot more unique than Chipotle because her company offers more of a variety to its customers. Walker also mentioned how Twisted Taco offers, “18 signature tacos,” and their menu is not just limited to these options.

So far, Walker said that the feedback from the customers has been really good, with many being excited by the new food option on campus. After trying The Hills Chicken Taco (grilled chicken, hot melted queso, lettuce & house-made salsa), DaisyMae VanValkenburgh, a student in the Investigative Reporting Summer Honors Institute at LIU Post, had nothing but positive reviews.

“It had a nice variety of flavors,” she said. “I liked the combination of hot queso and spicy salsa.”

One of Twisted Taco’s most popular taco so far is their Boom Boom Shrimp Taco, which consists of fried shrimp, a special sauce, lettuce and tomatoes – all on a flour tortilla. Another specialty available to customers is the option to get their burrito “twisted;” they can get cilantro, queso and homemade salsa added to their burrito.

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