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Underrated, but not Underappreciated

By Kahleel Bragg
Staff Writer Skjermbilde 2014-03-25 kl. 21.13.26

The entertainment world consists of musicians, artists, and filmmakers that are considered good, or even great, but who fall into the spotlight for varied reasons. Sometimes, a particular form or group of entertainers can be underrated, and have a lack of exposure to potential fans and consumers. Being underrated can be beneficial to a career, with some entertainers enjoying a consistent underground fan-base, but most of the time a lack of attention hurts. LIU Post students are able to name at least one artist, movie, or TV show that they feel is underrated.

Cynthia Theodore, a sophomore Psychology major, believes that R&B singer Melanie Fiona, and the movie “My Sister’s Keeper,” are underrated. “As far as movies go, I believe ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ is very underrated,” Theodore said. “Not many people know about the movie, but it teaches you the importance of family, and to live your life to the fullest.” For music, Theodore said that Fiona sends out powerful messages in her songs, but she doesn’t get the recognition she deserves.

Mahleik Mccargo, a junior Criminal Justice major, was very passionate when expressing his opinion on the most underrated movie. “‘Note To Self’ was a great movie,” McCargo said. “This movie should have gone mainstream; the message that was delivered was so powerful that it helped me with my life battle.”

There are many shows on television, especially reality shows, which get more recognition than others that are considered good on an artistic level. One show that many may agree on that doesn’t get enough publicity is “Sons of Anarchy,” a show that explores biker culture. “Yeah ‘Sons’ is a great show, and definitely deserves more attention than it gets,” said Nick Butera, a sophomore Business major.

For many reasons, such as appearance, crowds, or maybe even bad agents, some good musical artists are not recognized even though they make quality music. Christina Charles, a freshman Instrumental Performance major, believes that pop artist Tori Kelly is underrated. “Tori Kelly is an amazing songwriter with several albums.

Unfortunately, the way she is treated causes her to be underrated,” Charles said. “When she was a contestant for ‘American Idol,’ she received great feedback from majority of the judges, but could not continue because Simon Cowell thought she was not eligible. After that, she has made albums, but they have not been so popular.”

It’s extremely hard to make it to the mainstream in the entertainment business. The amount of competition is appalling, with many talented entertainers slipping under the radar. In any field you look into, there is always someone or something that is underrated, or considered an underdog. Can we fix that? No. However, we can help by promoting or at least continuing to support our favorites — despite popularity.

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