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Unity and Inclusive Love at the Interfaith Center

Interfaith Center at Post provides religious support to all faiths

By Alyssa Rousso

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “Religion is to do right. It is to love, it is to serve, it is to think, and it is to be humble.” This is the attitude of the Office of Religious Life at C.W. Post. Instead of focusing on one specific religion, the Interfaith Center encourages students to foster deeper understandings of their own religions while gaining an appreciation and respect for other religions.


Jeanette Murray, the Community Service Coordinator at the Interfaith Center, discusses the presence of each religion on campus. While Catholicism and Judaism are the most prevalent religions on campus, due to the majority of students being Catholic and Jewish, a Protestant minister recently became involved in bringing Christian life to C.W. Post, due to the majority of students being Catholic and Jewish. There is a Muslim advisor providing to provide support to Muslim students, and a place for them to say their prayers. Although there is no specific Hindu group through the Interfaith Center, there is a Hindu-based club, which was started last semester.


Different religious services are offered weekly across the religions, and group activities are held as well. For instance, the Catholic faith group offers ski trips and barbecues, while the Jewish community host’s pizza parties. The Protestant group offers students a chance to do service/mission work. Students interested in Islam are encouraged to come to the Interfaith Center to learn more about the faith.


When asked about religion on campus, Zeshan Hamid, the Muslim advisor, said that it is important to the students. Still, Jeanette would love for the Interfaith Center to be used by members of every faith. She would like for more students to stop by the chapel to ask what goes on there and to check out the different faith groups.


The website for The Office of Religious Life provides information for meetings times and group events. If ever you feel the need to learn a little about a religious world different from yours, take the opportunity to broaden your horizons. Services like these are available to students for that reason.


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