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Unmarked Speed Bumps Pose A Threat, Students Say

By Dondre Lemon
Assistant New Editor

The speed bumps on Post Lane were repaved over the summer. Although it is not clear whether the speed bumps are the same height as the previous year, they are now unmarked and unexpected. The unmarked and unexpected bumps have caused student drivers to take flight. The bumps are now blended in with the asphalt, with no clear markers or labels to warn drivers to slow down. Some drivers on campus have also claimed that the bumps are lower than they were last year.

By Dondre Lemon
Unmarked speed bump on Post Lane.

The roads on Post Lane have a speed limit of 25 mph to ensure the safety of both cars and pedestrians. While the speed bumps are labeled with signs on the street, the signs are now further from the actual bumps, causing drivers to pause early in anticipation of the bump, rather than being warned just before. A spokesperson for the facilities department stated that this is in compliance with regulations. “The speed bump sign is required to be placed a minimum of 75 feet and a maximum of 90 feet [from the speed bump],” Roy Fergus, head of facilities services, said.

The roads were “repaved during the summer recess period,” and “the bumps have not been moved from their locations,” Fergus said.

Kyhara Jeanty, a junior broadcasting major who commutes to school, has experienced these speed bumps first hand. “My dad and I notice they do come out of nowhere,” she said. “Last year it felt like they were a lot more visible.” Jeanty has noticed how smooth the ride is since the repavement of the street over the summer, but says, “the bumps are kind of hard to see.”

While students have claimed that the east side of campus now poses a problem for commuters, the west side is still clearly labeled. The signs used to alert drivers on the west side of campus come just before each bump, giving drivers a reasonable response time to slow down and not go flying over a speed bump.

To prevent damage to vehicles, drivers are advised to slow down and maintain a safe speed. Fergus has not responded to Pioneer inquiries about marking the bumps in a notice warning color.

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