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Upcoming Fashion Trends: Will You Guess Correctly?

By Shelley Dean, Staff Writer

Liz Gonzalez & Jordan Horne

Fashion trends come and go rapidly. With every new day, a new one seems to emerge. Some students keep up with what is popular, changing their wardrobe along with the rotating trends, while others stick with their own personal style. 

“Sweater Vests and Corsets are very in right now, and a shift away from mom jeans into a high rise straight leg,” Liv Gonzales, a sophomore acting major said. Gonzales remembers certain trends that emerged during the pandemic, naming sweater vests and corsets as ones that particularly stood out. 

Today, Gonzales describes her fashion sense as alternative girl boss. However when she was younger, her fashion was inspired by Disney Princesses, she said she even wore princess costumes to school. 

“As I got older I used social media to figure out what was on-trend,” Gonzales said. 

Looking forward to the next fashion trend, Gonzales imagines there will be a circling back to styles from the past. “I think we can continue to watch stuff from the 2000s come back into style, we will get that 20-year overlap,” Gonzales said. 

“I also think that party clothes will be in in the next couple of years because people are going to be so excited to show off their outfits, once everyone is vaccinated. I think lounge is the mood of 2020 and we’re ready for some club fits.” Gonzales said. 

Like many others, Gonzales is excited for a world where more than just her acting class can see her outfits. 

Hailey Duchnowski, a junior public relations major has an interest in fashion for a few reasons.

 “It’s always changing. There’s a new trend if not every day, every other day. Every week or month. Something that was popular 10 or 12 years ago can come back anytime, Duchnowski said. 

“I think it’s going to be a color, like brown is in right now, a lot of neutral colors,” Duchnowski said. She is excited about this and points out that she’s already taking part in this soon-to-be trend, by wearing a flannel brown shirt. 

Duchnowski’s personal fashion inspiration is Hailey Bieber. “She can pull off absolutely anything, she can take streetwear and dress it up or down, she can take a plain white t-shirt and match it with anything,” Duchnowski said.

Just like Hailey Bieber inspires many people’s wardrobes, Duchnowski remembers how Kamala Harris’ Inauguration outfit has been making waves. 

“Her jacket was a huge staple piece and everyone loved that, maybe color jackets based on that will be a trend,” Ducknowski said.  

Unlike Duchnowski and Gonzales, senior broadcasting major Samantha Samant does not follow fashion trends and prefers her own personal style.

 “I don’t partake in fashion trends so I cannot say exactly what the next one will be,” Samant said. “My personal style right now is mostly comfort and quick. Not too much, just relaxed.” Samant said. 

Though she doesn’t follow trends, Samant loves fashion. She is a model that gets the chance to wear all different types of clothes. Her appreciation for fashion runs wide. 

“I love all patterns and colors, I also love the movement and personality of each fabric in a garment, some fabrics have a little more sass in their movement while others flow elegantly,” Samant said.

Samantha Samant

Even though Samant doesn’t jump at what’s trending, she is able to appreciate fashion on her own time, and in her own personal way. 

All three students have an idea of how fashion trends are decided, whether it’s through social media, celebrities, or just deciding what it’s going to be for yourself. No one truly knows what the next great fashion trend will be, but to these three, that’s the most exciting part. 

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