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Valedictorian 2016

Last updated on Apr 22, 2016

By Maxime Devillaz
Co-Editor in Chief

Meet Daniel Kirsanov: the graduate of LIU’s five-year Accelerated B.S. Accounting/MBA program, and the valedictorian of the Class of 2016.

Photo Courtesy of LIU.EDU Daniel Krasinov, Valedictorian, class of 2016
Photo Courtesy of LIU.EDU
Daniel Kirsanov, Valedictorian, class of 2016

How did you get recognized with this honor? And what does this mean to you?

I was initially emailed about my eligibility for valedictorian. I was asked to write an essay on my time at the school and why I would be a good candidate and to obtain two recommendation letters. When all of that was sent in, I had an interview with the commitee. Honestly, although I always wanted to be valedictorian, I didn’t expect to actually be nominated. As you can probably tell, this means a lot to me. My hard work paid off. I was always the type that pushed myself to be the best, but to actually to recognized is unbelievable. My biggest experience from the selection process is that I can definitely say that the decision is based on more than just grades.

What’s your most memorable experience or moment from the nine semesters spent at LIU Post? I’m sure there are many.. Anything that comes to mind?

The thing that comes to mind first is my fiancee, my high school sweetheart, who has been with me every step of the way, whether helping me correct my papers, making door tags with me when I was an RA, or handling the Winnick food with me for the first two years. We both started at the same time and finished the accelerated program in December 2015. She received her BA/MS in Criminal Justice.

What’s your plans after graduation? Or, say, five years from now, where do you see yourself?

I hope to remain at Ernst & Young and progress up the ladder and gain more experience in the area of tax accounting.

How would you differ, or liken, American and Russian culture? What was hardest about coming over here at age 8? Have you been able to benefit from this, too?

The hardest part would be learning English since I barely knew the language before I initially moved to Russia. It was also a huge culture shock. The obvious benefits are knowing a second language, which is always helpful.

Lastly, have you thought of what to say during commencement? How should one go about such a thing? Any secrets to reveal?

I am actually mostly done now, but it was a little hard to get the ideas flowing. My secret is mostly not to think too hard. The ideas will flow when needed. Probably my biggest secret is my fiancee. She helped me write the whole speech. If it wasn’t for her I’m not sure if I would even be answering these questions.

Nicole Bellinger was nominated Salutatorian of the Class of 2016, grad- uating with a Bachelors degree in English, and with honors. 

Photo Jenny Edengard Nicole Bellinger, Salutatorian, class of 2016
Photo Jenny Edengard
Nicole Bellinger, Salutatorian, class of 2016

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