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Vikings Celebrate Knicks Win

Cecilie Nag
Staff Writer

20 LIU Post students cheered on the Knicks as they beat the Dallas Mavericks 104 – 94 in Madison Square Garden on Friday November 9. The trip was planned and hosted by the Scandinavian Vikings Club and advisor Martin Guss.

The New York Knicks remain undefeated so far this season, led by Carmelo Anthony who had 31 points and J.R. Smith with 22 points. This is the best start the Knicks have had since the 1993-1994 season. This was also the first meeting of former Mavs player, Jason Kidd, since his trade to NY.

“We all had a great time seeing the Knicks play. In fact we were so excited and into the game that it felt like it was over way too soon,” said Joella Skoogh, a junior Public Relations major and vice president of the club. She handed out tickets – printed with a price tag of $81, but sold to the students for only $15 each, including transportation. A once-in-a-lifetime deal one might say. “We had 20 tickets for the game, and they went very quickly,” said Skoogh. The tickets were sold during one of their club meetings, held every other Thursday at 1 p.m in Hillwood Commons Room 118. “I was lucky to get a ticket, I heard about it from a friend, and first I thought the offer was too good to be true,” said junior Nutrition major Aurora Kronberg.

Hurricane Sandy and snowstorm Athena could not stop the Vikings, with the LIRR operating on schedule, and tickets already booked. Posing for photos to document the trip, eating pizza and popcorn from a kiosk at the Garden, and wearing new blue and orange Knicks t-shirts with number 7, Melo’s number, on the back, the students cheered for the players, and were rewarded with a win. “Even though I don’t know too much about the team or the sport, it was great to feel the vibe from an excited audience,” said Kronberg, after watching her very first Knicks game. Sophomore Film major Christine Stronegger agreed saying, “It was so much fun!”

The trip was funded by the Vikings club budget as well as student payments. “We decided at one of our meetings that we wanted to go to a sports game, and after a vote we agreed on the Knicks,” said Skoogh. Led by president Elina Viitasaari, the Viking Club aims to educate people about Scandinavia, the cultures and traditions, and also do fun things together. “And it’s not only for Scandinavians,” Skoogh emphasized.

Previously this year they visited the Scandinavia House in Manhattan, eating a three course dinner, followed by a scandinavian movie, and according to Skoogh they are planning to repeat the success a second time this year. Also, coming up is a “Vikings Night”, with details yet to be settled.

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