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WCWP and PTV Collaborate For Sports Show

By Brian Riley
Staff Writer

WCWP, the campus radio station, and PTV, the campus television station, will begin a new collaboration on Sept. 29, as the radio show “In the Clutch” will be recorded and aired on PTV. This will be
the first video recorded radio show broadcasted on PTV for a long time, according to the Assistant Station Manager Christina Kay.

“In The Clutch” covers a wide variety of sports topics, including previews and reviews of professional sports games. The co-hosts are junior Broadcasting majors Deandre Wilson and Nick Morgasen. This year they have dedicated the show’s content to covering campus sports and interviewing student athletes.

This is the second semester of “In the Clutch,” and the first time it has been aired on television. The show airs on every Monday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. On Monday, Sept. 29, it aired on PTV for the first time. The show will be cut down from its original two hour format to a 30 minute highlight clip aired on PTV.

The idea spawned from an Applied Television class taught by Professor Jean Carlomusto, the Director of the Television Center in the Media Arts department. The class assignment was to create a show that could be aired on PTV. Carlomusto approved this idea presented by

Wilson and Morgasen because “this idea allows Deandre and Nick to utilize the best material from their radio program in a television sports show,” she said. “The key will be giving it an added visual component for television.”

Professor Maura Bernard, alumni of the Media Arts Department, said that the cameras are “good for a viewing audience so they can
have insight into the studio.” Bernard, who has hosted her own radio shows, believes that having a show recorded for television is much more revealing due to the fact that you have a face to go along with the voice.

Mike Nicosina, a sophomore Accounting major, thinks that this is a great idea. He also co-hosts a sports show on WCWP with Tyler Bet, a senior Rhetoric major. “I would like to try that on our show,” said Nicosina. He also added, “I think in today’s age of sports television, it is a definite improvement over just the radio.” Nicosina and Bet’s show is called “The Fast Break,” and it airs on Fridays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on WCWP.

Wilson added, “I think this is going to be something different, [and will] also set an example for other shows.”

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