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WCWP Celebrates Spring Break

By Peter Barell
Arts and Entertainment Editor

WCWP, LIU Post’s resident radio station, held a “Kickoff to Spring Break” event on March 6, outside of Hillwood Commons during common hour. Members of WCWP’s Public Relations and Promotions departments ran the event under the direction of Dan Cox, the station’s general manager.

Despite the frigid weather, a DJ table and a game table were set up outside the Commons, inviting students to get excited about the break with music, dance contests, and fun giveaways. Chris Maffei and Zachary Parker, WCWP radio disc jockeys, spoke to passersby’s via microphone and distributed WCWP t-shirts and colorful plastic necklaces to those who joined in on the celebration. Students played with blow-up beach volleyballs.

The station has been trying to boost its presence on campus this semester in particular. “We have a YouTube channel, Mywcwp, where students can watch footage from the events that we sponsor and see what we’re doing,” said Samantha Augustine, a sophomore Business Management major, and a member of the station’s PR team. “We always have our Midday Madness radio shows during common hour. Listen in on 89.7 FM [or online at].” The YouTube channel also features footage of the station’s events as they’re happening live.

“Social media is definitely a big part [of it],” said Christina Kay, an alumni of the Class of 2011 in Electronic Media, who works as the Assistant General Manager and Program Director of WCWP. “We’re on the air 24/7,” Kay said. “Events like this get our name out there. We try to do an event every month. It’s been kind of hard with so many snow days and cancellations. This is the first one of the year. It’s just a little event for us, but we’ll do concerts, and we’ll bring comedians this semester and next.”

The spring-themed event came at a time when a recent surge of snowstorms and campus closings diminished student morale. “I don’t even want to come to school because it’s so cold,” said Errol Nicholson, a sophomore Film major, as he walked away with a free WCWP t-shirt. “I wish I was lying, but I’m not. As a commuter, I never look forward to driving in the cold.” Students who participated in the event were passersby walking between Hillwood Commons and Humanities Hall. Approximately 100 students showed up to join in the fun.

WCWP’s live broadcasts can be heard on their site at mywcwp. org, FM station 89.7 on- and off-campus (a 20 mile radius), and channel 95 in the dorms. The station will hold future on-campus events later in the semester, including a sports panel broadcast in The End Zone on March 27. More information about upcoming events and broadcasts can be found on their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, all under the moniker mywcwp.

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