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WCWP Holds Scavenger Hunt

By Andrew Servido
Sports Editor

Get ready for WCWP radio station’s annual scavenger hunt from Oct. 23 to Oct. 26. This year, 44 students will participate on 22 teams. The prize is a $100 Visa gift card for the each of the two members of the winning team.

This year’s scavenger hunt will be different from years prior. The entire event is being run through WCWP’s Snapchat (@mywcwp). Victoria Onorato, WCWP Program Director, is coordinating the scavenger hunt.

“The turnout was a lot bigger than I expected, but I am excited about it,” she said. The teams must take a selfie while wearing their WCWP shirts with a sticker on the back for each member of their team. Wearing the shirt and taking pictures with the stickers are a part of the rules that were set by the station. The pictures will serve as proof of completing a certain objective of the scavenger hunt.

All participants have to attend the rooftop party that WCWP will be hosting on Halloween, Oct. 31 during common hour in order to be eligible to win.

*Editor’s Note: Andrew Servido works at WCWP

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