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We Are Now Officially LIU Post

Freddie Schwartz

“Our goal must always be, and is, to focus on the students,” said the President of Long Island University during his speech at the Rebranding Party on February 1st.

Hillwood was abuzz with more activity than usual, as balloons and people crowded the lobby. Faculty and students were all sporting t-shirts with the new LIU Post logo and the campus’ new slogan: “Find Out How Good You Really Are.” Games and prizes were being given out; a pep band was playing, and the mascot was there, which added to the excitement in Hillwood. At the center was a large LIU Post cake.

Fernando Mendoza, the Associate Director of Student Life, said that the Rebranding Party “demonstrates Post pride.” After asking everyone in attendance to put on their brand-new LIU Post t-shirts, President Dr. David Steinberg said he wanted the world to see that Post is not just one college but, rather, a part of a “constellation of resources, academic talent and faculty.” He added, “We are a single community, a proud community and a diverse community.”

LIU is one of the largest private universities in the United States with six campuses, including Post. After the speeches, cake was handed out to all of the faculty and students, while a banner was dropped, revealing the new slogan and name for LIU Post. Members of both the administration and the faculty said that the new name for Post is “simple and fresh”. Marguerite Barone, an alumni member from the graduating classes of 1969 and 1986, said that new name “is a positive change and is keeping up to date with the times.” Cathleen Joseph, a junior studying Digital Arts and Design, said that the new name “is a nice change,” and “I got a new shirt, which was nice, but it was very crowded.” She also said that “the advertising of the new name was commendable.” There is still a mixed opinion among the students regarding the name change, but the party, itself, was exciting and an enjoyable event for the faculty and the students.

The Rebranding Party marked the start of a new look for LIU as well as launched the university into the 21st century as much more than an average college, but, rather, as large community of students, professors and academics.

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