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We Are, Post Cheer

The C.W. Post Cheerleading Team

Jessica DeSalvo

Attending every home game during basketball and football season, the C.W. Post cheerleaders show their Post pride. They are responsible for hyping the crowd up before big games such as homecoming or the ECC basketball playoff games. The beginning of the 2010-2011 season started off looking great for these girls. Starting with 26 members on the team and attending Universal Cheerleaders Association camp in southern Connecticut, the goal of competition never felt closer. The hopeful team performed at pep rally, and amazed Post fans with their skillfully choreographed routine. “The complements seemed never ending, and it felt good knowing all our hard work showed through our routine,” said captain Tatiana Lampa.

The season started at what seemed like an all time high for the Post cheerleaders. Throughout the season the team raised money for the pediatric brain cancer walk, along with participating in the annual Breast Cancer Walk and Polar-Bear Plunge. Head coach Melissa Torres worked with the team to “stick” advanced stunts, and progress in tumbling. Assistant coach Jacqueline Cruz attended the home games to support the team.

With four competitions on the team’s upcoming schedule, they had their goals and assets straight, after years of preparation, they were finally in sight of competing. What seemed like the peak of the season slowly turned into a downfall when team members started losing sight of the team’s goal. Due to loss of dedication, girls began to quit the team. It was a bumpy road for the rest of the season, losing teammate after teammate. By February there were only 12 members left. Lampa and fellow captain Brittany Greene led the remaining team through the rough time with a positive attitude.

Although the season is coming to an end and the sight of competition is out of the picture, next year the team is planning on continuing to pursue their goals. They look forward to handpicking teammates that are dedicated, high-spirited, and have positive attitudes. The Post Cheerleading team was hoping for a “rags-to-riches” story to tell everyone about, while this year they may have fallen short, they will never lose sight of their goals.

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