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What App is best for you Smart Phone!

Daniel Caccavale

We live in a world of constantly changing technology. It seems that new cell phones and computers are coming out every week and we are always trying to keep up with them. But even after we get the latest Apple product or the latest Android phone, it opens up a whole new world of things you have to learn. You have to customize the phone to your specifications, new backgrounds, new ringtones, load your music on to it, and more. One of the most difficult question is what apps do you want to put on it. Between the Android market and the Apple app store, there are hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from, all of which useful for one reason or another, but which ones are right for you?

The answer depends on your specific needs. For the shopper on the go, Amazon now has an app so you can be anywhere and still be able to check out the latest deals. EBay also has a very popular app that keeps you connected to all of your EBay bids anywhere, anytime. If you are someone who prefers to shop in a mall or a grocery store, there are dozens of apps that can keep lists so you never forget exactly what you need to buy. For the shoppers who want the best deals, any one of the barcode scanner apps can give you prices of competitors instantly. And if you find something you really want or need, or if you’re just curious about your funds, just about every bank has an app that will let you log in and check your account information instantly so that you are less likely to overdraw your account.

What if you are a gamer? Then you are in luck. The app stores have hundreds of games to choose from, and creators are always uploading more and more. Right now, games like Angry Birds, Temple Run, Fruit Ninja, and Scramble With Friends are topping the charts in the Apple app store. If you are an Android user then Fruit Ninja, Plants vs. Zombies, and Cut The Rope are games that are on top right now. But these are just a few chart- topping games and there will surely be more to follow.

For the Photo enthusiasts, Instagram and Lightbox are the two big names that can help with all of your photo and editing needs. There are also dozens of other apps for special camera editing, picture taking, and everything else relating to photography.

There are apps for everything, from turning your camera flash into a mini flashlight to special apps that let you lock certain parts of your phone so only you can get to them. Now you can even get your favorite books, magazine, and even textbooks for class all on your phone. As technology expands, there will be even more apps and even more amazing things your phone will be able to do.

These ideas seem to follow through to Post students as well. Junior Film Major Dontae Hawkins enjoys a plethora of apps. “I Love Flixster, Twitter, Instagram, Citibank App for banking, Shazam, Subway Map, Flashlight, and a ton of game apps from Angry Birds to Fruit Ninja.”

Junior Photography major Michael DiFilippo says his favorites include “Facebook app, Twitter app, Chase banking app, Weather app, and Lightbox.”

Maybe your interests may vary but if you are looking for something new, try typing anything app related into a Google search or check the App Store or the Android Market and find the apps that work for you and you can make the most out of, until the next great craze comes along.

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