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What Are Students Doing Over Winter Break?

Cecilie Nag

With less than two weeks left of the semester, and December 21st just around the corner, we can soon celebrate our winter break. Traveling, working, studying, and relaxing – this is what some of the C.W Post students plan to do for their break.

Sophomore International Business student, Julia Sundström Sandström, from Sweden, will visit Veribier, in Switzerland, for nearly a month of skiing in the Alps and work as a ski instructor. “My family is joining me over Christmas, and we will celebrate a regular Swedish Christmas in our apartment,” she said.

Lauren King, a senior Education major, will spend her winter break at home. She will be celebrating Christmas together with her whole family, sharing a huge home-made meal. Other than that, she is undecided about whether she will be working, going to school, or traveling upstate for a family visit. “I may be taking a winter class so I can catch up on credits, because I have switched my major a few times,” she said.

Graduate student, Dora Bioic, is about to finish her M.B.A. program in Business. She will fly back home to Croatia for the break. “I haven´t been home for Christmas in over three years, so I am super-excited,” she said.  “I will spend some quality time with my loved ones, eat some amazing food, and have fun!” Spending Christmas with her family and friends, her plan is to relax and enjoy some skiing, rather than working, although she will be looking for an internship for next semester. Other than that, she explained, “I will just go with the flow and enjoy every moment I can.”

Esther Birkeland is a junior Vocal Performance major heading back to Norway for her winter break. “I´m going to celebrate Christmas on the night of the 24th as we always do, with my family, grandparents, and my awesome nephew Samuel,” she said. She will work at her uncle´s grocery store while she is home, and is also hoping to have several vocal performances over the break. “My plans for this break are to relax, spend time with my family and friends, work, and just enjoy being home again,” she said.

Bas Beverwijk, from Holland, is currently studying for his Master’s in Public Administration. He will also spend his winter break back home: “I will arrive on Christmas evening, so hopefully somebody has missed me enough to pick me up from the airport,” he said. He is planning to spend time with family and friends, and might also be traveling to visit family in Switzerland. Before he flies back to New York, he will find time for a little vacation on a Caribbean Island: “I will stop for a five-day holiday on Curacao, where my cousin is doing an internship,” he said.

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