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What Happens on a Snow Day

By Talia Charlton
Staff Writer

The possibility of even more snowstorms has been the topic of discussion, as the winter season slowly dwindles to an end. This 2014 winter season has brought plenty of snow throughout the East Coast, and has caused commuters everywhere to roll their eyes at just the thought of more snow. Students at LIU Post have had a somewhat bittersweet relationship with this year’s snowstorms, as they have presented them with plenty of days off from school, but are also causing students to make up class days they have missed. So how have students spent their time during this semester’s snow days?

Many students found themselves stuck in a rut as they spent more time indoors, and less time being active within the campus community. “I hate all the snow days we’ve had because I find myself bored here on campus,” said Zoey Zhu, a graduate Business Administration student. “Hillwood closes for the day, and everything else closes early. I feel like I have to rush to eat, or not eat at all.”

When the university shut down during the snowstorms, many facilities on campus closed early, or did not open at all, so that workers would have the opportunity to get home safely. Hillwood Commons was closed during most of the storms, and on days in which the snowstorms arrived later in the evenings, Hillwood Commons closed earlier than its usual hours. Winnick dining hall on campus was open to students during snowstorms until 8 p.m. This gave students the opportunity to get their meals throughout the day.

Students who live off campus may have had an easier time finding things to do during the snow days, and may not have felt as though they were snowed in. “I have actually been enjoying the snow days,” said Andria Lynn Osler, a senior Public Relations major. “They have given me more time to focus on my senior project and since it’s my last semester; I’m enjoying the nice break now and then.”

Both commuter students and students living on campus have found various ways to cope with being stuck indoors during the snow days. Whether they are hanging out in their dorm rooms, at home working on their schoolwork, or searching for a nearby location to eat, students are spending the time resting in the comfort of their own environment. Although students may love the snow days, spring break is approaching fast, and another snowstorm appears to be the last thing on their minds.

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