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What is a Student Ambassador?

Genna Apfel

A Student Ambassador’s job requires a number of duties such as conducting scheduled campus tours for all potential students and their families, participating in Admission events, such as Open Houses, Post Preview Days, and Graduate and Transfers events, hosting prospective students who shadow their classes, and providing office support for the Admissions Office. Most importantly, Student Ambassadors serve as tour guides and answer any questions or concerns a visiting family might have. They also make the potential students and families feel comfortable by ensuring them that C.W. Post is the right choice for them.

Student Ambassadors are enthusiastic, and excel when it comes to public speaking. They must be able to communicate well with their visitors on their tours and feel confident as the leader of the group. Although most people can readily agree that everyone possesses different qualities and characteristics that make them different from one another, some qualities that all Student Ambassadors share in common are their outgoing and bubbly personalities, along with a strong sense of self and knowledge about the school.

Every year, students have the opportunity to apply for one of the seventeen positions. They must fill out an application that can picked up in the Admissions Office and then must go through an interview process. If you are a ‘people person’ and love talking and interacting with others, then the Student Ambassador position is for you. The pay is minimum wage and the work is about 6-10 hours a week.

One of the newer ambassadors, Sophomore Speech Pathology major Justine Lopez said, “I love this job because I enjoy interacting with people and being the person who can have an impact on someone’s decision to come to C.W. Post. Being an ambassador gives me the perfect opportunity to get involved on campus and meet different people.”

Bryan Smith, Freshman Admissions Counselor, is in charge of the Student Ambassador program. “One of the best aspects of my job is being able to work hand-in-hand with our own students in the recruitment process. With roughly 70 percent of graduating high school seniors stating that their visit played the most important part in their college selection, the need to have highly qualified and effective admission ambassadors cannot be understated,” says Smith. “We are lucky to have such an outstanding group of students working in the office this year.”

For more information about the ambassador program please contact either David Follick, Director of Admissions, or Bryan Smith, Freshman Admissions Counselor at 516-299-2064.

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