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What Motivates You To Be Single?

Genna Apfel

Some of you may have just spent your weekend with your significant other and had a romantic evening. Or, maybe some of you may have spent your weekend with friends and went out to a great party. Well, if you’re reading this, the point I am trying to get across is there is nothing wrong with being single and it is okay to spend your time with friends and enjoy yourself, rather than being tied up to someone. I don’t know about you, but I feel many students believe that there is something wrong with be single. I mean, don’t get me wrong, but all relationships are not always about butterflies and rainbows, there is fighting and drama along with it.

Have you ever felt jealous or upset when you see a couple and you think to yourself,  “Why don’t I have a boyfriend or girlfriend?” It’s okay to feel like this, because in all honesty, it’s completely normal. College is a stepping stone towards the next stage in our lives. Most people can agree this is a time to be independent because at the end of the day, the only person you should worry about is yourself. This independence allows us to do the things we want to do now, because we may not get a second chance to do something over again.

With this said the question is, “What motivates you to be single?”  Here are a few pointers to keep you motivated.

First things first, don’t sell yourself short; meaning do not settle for someone or something when you know you deserve way better. Ironically, some people do. I myself have in the past. Surround yourself with positive people because if you don’t, you might find yourself slipping into behaviors or habits that you wouldn’t be doing in the first place. You may be involved with someone, but in all reality, this someone may not be so right for you. This person may be far below what you truly deserve in life. Don’t settle. If you know you deserve your “perfect guy”, you will find them because chances are, they are out there. Hanging out with the right crowd will allow you to find someone that is at your level.

We all think we are going to find our prince charming. You may find yourself sitting on the couch or laying in bed watching a romantic comedy, and instead of your boyfriend or girlfriend being there, you now resort to your other friends that go by the name of Ben and Jerry. If you have certain expectations and standards in your life, don’t stay with someone just because you feel you “need” someone that is giving you attention and comfort. Be with somebody because you want to be with them and because they are right for you. I feel as college students we truly don’t know who we are as people and what we really want in life. Therefore, we become involved in relationships just for the sake of being in one. Your prince charming is out there. Everything in life happens for a reason and it’s okay to dream big.

Lastly, focus on yourself, school work, jobs, and your extracurricular activities are what will prepare you for a successful and happy life. So, study if you know you have a big exam the next day, go to that party that your friends and you will be talking about for weeks, and most importantly have fun. At the end of the day, you are the only person that can make yourself happy. If you can’t be happy and love yourself, then how is any other person going to? Jamie Boswell, a freshman Musical Theater major added,  “For me, I just feel that I want to be focused on my work, especially in my major, I don’t need other distractions. I need to focus on my art. I haven’t found “that” person yet, so I consider myself an independent person, which motivates me to be single. Whatever happens…happens.”

Samantha Osgood, a junior Sociology major and Political Science minor, said, “People that are single want to focus on their school work, friends, and themselves in general, but when you are tied down to somebody, you then have to worry about that person all the time. Also, people that are single can have fun and more freedom. I’m just living my life the way I want to.”

Angelica LaLota, a senior Speech Pathology major, “At this point in my life, it’s essential to focus on school. I think this is the time when you’re supposed to be having fun in college. In today’s day and age, people are getting married at an older age and I feel a person should be on the right track before you settle down with someone. “

”I like being single because I am an independent woman,” says Audrey Thompson, junior Social Work major. “I don’t have time to deal with boys because I need to concentrate on my school work. Now is not the time for me to be in a committed relationship. In my own opinion, take advantage of your young adulthood because you won’t be single forever. Now is the time to learn about yourself and what you truly want in a person.”

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