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What to Watch on Valentines Day

By Kristen Linsalata
Staff Writer

Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day comes every February. Many students are excited to spend the day with their special someone and to revel in the day’s festivities. On the other hand, a lot of students are excited for the day to pass. One thing we seem to have in common is a desire to indulge in a good movie, curled up on the couch with our significant other, a close friend, or just alone, with our favorite candy not far away.

When it comes to the students at LIU Post, an eclectic variety of film genres were recommended to watch on the acclaimed “day of love.” However, the majority of students like to curl up to film that is romantic in nature—much like the day itself.

“I’m a sap for a good romantic chick flick,” said Michelle Gruber, a junior Education major. She recommends her favorite movie, “Something Borrowed,” or a romantic classic like “The Notebook.”

It is clear that Gruber represents some of the students at Post because the general census among students was that they would be watching “The Notebook” on Valentine’s Day. “The Notebook,” originally a novel written by Nicholas Sparks, stars Rachel McAdams as Allie Hamilton and Ryan Gosling as Noah Calhoun in a tale about everlasting love and the trial and tribulations it endures. The film was released in 2004.

Even the male population at Post seemed to be in agreement. In truth, many of the male students appeared to be at a loss for suggestions when it came to recommending a movie for Valentine’s Day. Yet, they still perceived the effect that “The Notebook” had on their female peers. “Well, I heard ‘The Notebook’ was a good movie to watch on Valentine’s Day,” said Brian Riley, a sophomore Journalism student, who had not personally seen the film.

Akilah Courtney, a senior Electronic Media major, recommended the appropriately named movie “Valentine’s Day,” and not only because of the all-star cast, with celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher, Taylor Swift, and Jessica Biel. Instead, Courtney recommended “Valentine’s Day” because she believes it to be “the perfect example of what Valentine’s Day embodies.”

Much like Courtney, Kevin O’Lear, a sophomore Broadcasting major, will be watching movies that he believes embodies the essence of Valentine’s Day. O’Lear’s top recommendations were “Bee Movie,” “Scott Pilgram vs. the World,” and “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.” However, O’Lear was most emphatic about the movie entitled “The Room”—an independent film directed, produced and written by Tommy Wiseau.

In contrast, Rachel Haas, a freshman Digital Art and Design major, heeded a warning to never watch “The Room” as it is potentially the worst movie ever. “Don’t listen to her!” said O’Lear, going on to say, “It is a very tragic movie about a romance, love and betrayal. I think it’s very heartwarming and touching.”

Melanie Spina, a sophomore Journalism major, would much prefer a feel–good movie that retains a romantic undertone. Spina’s recommendation was the recently released “That Awkward Moment” starring Zac Effron and Miles Teller. The film is not for the faint of heart, presenting issues of monogamy and promiscuity through scenes that are said to be explicitly sexual. However, Spina stands by her recommendation. “In the end, everybody finds love in an unexpected way.”

While many students chose classic romance titles such as “The Notebook” or “Titanic,” many preferred to think outside of the box when recommending what they believe to be the perfect Valentine’s Day film.

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