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What You Want in Your Dorm?

Adrianna Alvarez

Every semester, dormers dread room inspections. Room inspection is when a Resident Assistant and the Resident Hall Director show up at random to go through your room and make sure you have nothing in there that is on the “can not have” list. It’s often hard to keep up with the list of things that are not allowed in your dorm room. Some students may pass, and others may be written up by the Resident Hall Director and have some hefty fines to pay. Imagine a dorm room with no restrictions – what would you like to have in your dorm, penalty-free?

According to Long Island Universities code of conduct, students cannot have: extension cords, hanging lights, appliances (coffee pots, burners, blenders, toasters etc.), heaters, air conditioners, microwaves, micro-fridges, candles, combustible liquids, incense, pets of any kind, wine glasses, beer mugs, shot glasses or empty alcohol bottles. Any students who are caught with these items can face fines, which vary on what items are found in your room, and how much of it.

Many students complain about not being able to have things like a microwave in their room. Students like Ashley Abney, a junior Public Relations major said, “I live in Brookville Hall, and it’s such an inconvenience to go all the way to the basement just to heat up my food. By the time I get back to my room, which is on the second floor, my food is cold.” All the microwaves in Brookville Hall are located in the basement.

Abney, a resident of Brookville for two years also mentioned how last year the microwave room had been shut down for most of the spring semester because of vandalism. “Besides a microwave, I would love to be able to have a coffee pot in my room. I drink coffee a lot, and it would be a lot easier to make my own then spend a good amount of money each week on coffee,” said Abney.

All types of pets are prohibited from being in the dorms. Students are not even allowed to have goldfish. Adwoa Boating, a senior Psychology major said, “I wish I could have a dog. They’re such great company, and they just make you happy. I get that dogs are a lot of work and can make a mess so that’s probably the reason we can’t have them on campus, but I mean we aren’t even allowed to have fish. That seems ridiculous, if you ask me.”

Ara McPherson a junior Sociology major said, “I would like to have one of those little George Foreman grills in my room. It’d be nice to make my own fresh food. Winnick gets tiring, and when it’s cold and rainy outside, I don’t like walking over there.”

The list could go one forever as to what students want to keep in their dorm rooms. To make sure you are not at risk for a fine, be sure to check the schools website under student life resources and click the link, “Thing To Bring”.

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