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What’s a Grab ‘N Go?

Report on grab n go system in hillwood

Matt Marando

It’s Common Hour. Love it or hate it, it’s the prime time for most Post students to relieve their hunger pains. If you’re going to Winnick, you might find that there are lines wrapped around the place in order to get food. The Hillwood Café is one place on campus that may have that down to a science. To tackle the long lines and frustration Common Hour brings, Hillwood came up with a system that does just that: the Grab ‘N Go system.

When asked how this system is treating them, many students of CW Post had one answer, which was one question: “What’s a Grab ‘N Go?” I, myself, was unaware of what this system was, but when explained to me, I knew exactly what it was. For those of you who are reading this who are still confused, let me bring that Oh yeah! I-know-what-that-is! moment to you. The “Grab ‘N Go” is the system located at the grill area of the Hillwood Café. The food is already made, stored in containers, labeled, and is ready to be eaten. This system was put in place so that anyone can simply “Grab ‘N Go”.

For the most part, this system has had a positive effect so far. “It’s improved [service] since last semester. There were a lot of long lines and lack of food. This semester it’s so much easier”, says Kevin Schmidt, a senior Digital Arts major. “You get the food you want, pay for it, and go”.  When asked about how the service has been since this system was developed, Hillwood Café worker Christine said “It’s popular and convenient”.

Although the Grab ‘N Go has its advantages over the long lines, some students think differently. “Because of the Common Hour, you can’t really ‘Grab ‘N Go’”, says senior Jill Salterella of a crowded Hillwood during Post’s most controversial hour. Other students commented on variety. “What I want is not there and I have to wait”, says Psychology major Kim Laudin, a transfer student. Should there be more options other than burgers, fries, and chicken for the Grab ‘N Go?

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