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What’s a Student Escort?

Erin Mei
Staff Writer

Ever walk around campus and see students wearing bright yellow vests that say “Student Escort Services” and wonder what they are doing? Or maybe you’ve seen the flyers around campus and asked yourself what Student Escorts are. Well, Student Escorts are a free service, provided by the Public Safety Department, that walks you to anywhere you want to be on campus. Student Escorts will even walk with you through Chipmunk Trail at night because you don’t want a run into the raccoon family living there or if you just want someone to have a casual conversation with.

One of the three Student Escort supervisors, Hector Nieves, a senior Physical Education major, has been working for the Student Escort Service for 5 years. “It’s been a good experience working here because I get to meet new students all the time. People are always interested in our job when they see me with the walkie talkie checking up on the employees.” Some student escorts like Kevin Fung, junior business major, find the late hours to be a disadvantage, but feel that “it’s a rewarding job to know I help others have a peace of mind walking to their car or dorm.”

The Student Escort Service available to students, faculty and visitors to LIU Post. The service is available every Monday to Thursday night from 6 to 11 p.m. with the exception of holidays. You can make arrangements for student escorts by calling 516-299-2200 right before you leave or stop by the Hillwood Information Desk in Hillwood Commons. Students interested in becoming a part of the Student Escort Service can contact Lieutenant James Contarino in Public Safety Department or call 516-299-2216.

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