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What’s Going on With SGA?

Dan Potenzier Contributor

The Student Government Association (SGA) has been working hard this year to make improvements towards a better LIU Post experience. SGA has been continuing its responsibilities of lobbying for clubs and programs, communicating students’ needs to staff and administrators, and engaging in forums and focus groups which ensure the student voice is represented. Outside of these typical duties our Executive Board and Senators have been working diligently all year on new projects and programs which affect LIU Post for the next year and beyond.

The renovations to the Fishbowl are finally nearing completion and SGA has been active in coming up with new projects to present to the university. SGA has been asked to spearhead a focus group which will have a dra- matic impact on a new ID card system which will result in changed meal plan options, swipe times, dining dollars amounts, and accessibil- ity. We have also been working on improving the facilities services and upkeep on campus, fun programming during Diversity Week, and more locations for studying. But these are only a few of many projects we have been working hard to ensure don’t get overlooked or under- represented.

We have a great, creative team of student leaders involved in SGA but we need every student to take pride in this university and help us identify and make differences any way we can. There are many ways to help us accomplish our goals of continuing to make this university better each and every year, below are a few examples:

1. Come to SGA meetings or Town Hall meetings and let us know what we can do to help improve this campus. Have a problem with the dining services? The food committee is responsible for working with Aramark to ensure your needs are communicated and being corrected.

2. Become an SGA Senator! Being an SGA Senator is a student leadership position that carries a lot of responsibility but also gives students with ideas on how to improve Post a platform to make sure their voice is heard. As an SGA Senator you would join a group of stu- dent leaders whose main mission is to improve the LIU Post experience and ensure everyone is being represented. If you’re interested in becoming a Senator please come to an SGA general meeting or approach an SGA member for information!

3. Email, go to the Hillwood Information Desk and leave a note, or reach out to an SGA member directly!

We hope you have had a great year so far and we want to continue to make your LIU Post experience as memorable as possible! SGA general meetings are on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. at the top of the commons.

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