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Where’s the Party At?

Ashley Noble

One of the best parts of being in college is being able to go out on the weekends and indulge in the night life. Yes, there is life on campus but at the same time there is life off campus. I’ve been a student at C.W. Post for a few years and one thing I have learned is that sometimes you have to make your own fun, or you have to go out and find it. Long Island may not be anyone’s first choice to go out and be fabulous, but since we’re out here, why not try out these nearby bars and night clubs? (And don’t worry, I listed spots that accept ages 18 and up at all times!)

•      Barefoot Peddler – located at 37 Glen Cove Road | Greenvale, NY 11548
This bar is one of the best places to hang out with friends over the weekend whether you want to chill or watch a game. The drinks outnumber the appetizers and finger foods on the menu, not that we’re complaining about that. Also, the bartenders are very friendly; they usually will remember your name when you come back, and if you look like you’re over 16, you probably will have more fun than you’re allowed to have, if you catch my drift. I give this place five stars. Make sure you have the wings!

•      Club Avanti – located at 272 Post Avenue | Westbury, NY 11590
Formally known as Sambuca Nightclub, this has always been a hot spot for Post students to flock to, no matter what name it’s using. Maybe it’s just the address that is so appealing. The atmosphere, music and look of Avanti are all great, plus there’s a man who cleans the dance floor and clears up empty cups throughout the night. I felt bad for the guy, cleaning up after all these college students. Alcoholic beverages and hookah pipes are available at this club, but don’t try and be slick here. They do card you and are strict about it. I guess that’s why the name of the club changes so much? At least you get a free cup of water if you ask.

•      Club Giggles – located at 468 Peninsula Boulevard | Hempstead NY 11550
This night club is really spacious! This is a good thing, but later on I did some research on the venue and found out that it is actually a comedy club that is a part-time dance club, if people want to rent it out to hold a party.  That was interesting; I had wondered why it looked like it was someone’s house with a stage where the DJ was conveniently placed. This bar definitely will card you, and is a bit pricey, even for water.  The security is very strict at this place, so at least you would feel safe going to Club Giggles, but if you walk out to get a breath of air, you may not get back in, no joke.

•      Dublin’s Pub – located at 2002 Jericho Turnpike | New Hyde Park, NY 11040
Rumor had it that this is the place to go if 18 year-olds want to grab a drink. Rumor also has it that Dublin’s Pub is the hottest night spot on Long Island. I think and strongly believe neither is true. This place is cool for what it offers though: drinks, food, dance floor. The prices fit a college pocket as well, but the music and atmosphere may not make every person’s favorites list. However, I suggest trying it at least once with a group of friends.

•      Glo Nightclub – located at 737 Merrick Avenue | Westbury, NY 11590
Similar to Club Avanti, this club used to be Mirage Nightclub. Currently it has an alias, Club Halo. It all seems to work for this club because people can always find it and will keep coming. I think it is because of the breath-taking décor; it is probably the prettiest club in Nassau County. After Mirage closed, they did renovations and made changes for the better. The bar, music range, and security are all average when it comes to what you would expect to find at a college party. You may want to carry a few extra dollars if you plan on stopping at the eye-catching bar.

If you are looking for even more places to explore the Long Island Nightlife, check out Area 516 Nightclub located at 248 Front Street in Hempstead, or Crazy Donkey Bar located at 1058 Broadhollow Road in Farmingdale. All of these places have a lot to offer but no matter what, night life is only what you make it!

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