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Where’s the snow?

By Aliya Couillad, Staff Writer

Up until this week, Long Island has seen no measurable snow so far this winter. We have seen below-freezing temperatures, but where’s the snow? 

According to the weather forecast for Nassau County, the snowiest periods would have been from mid-December to mid-January. However, we saw little to no snow during those times.

The National Weather Service’s predictions for January to March gave New York City between a 40 and 50 percent chance to see warmer-than-normal conditions. This prediction seems to align with what we are seeing here on the Island. Though we have seen freezing temperatures, warmer and rainy weather has been more consistent. 

Despite snow being a controversial topic, students on campus are disappointed with the lack of snow because they actually enjoy snow days. 

“I am a fan of snow days,” sophomore nursing major Grace Hennig expressed. “I actually live upstate so I’m very familiar with having snow days and it’s been weird being here because there’s no snow, only rain, but I love snow days, the days off from school were the best.”

“I loved snow ever since I was little because obviously, you get to play in the snow. I have so many memories of me and my friends and my brother and sister going sledding, building snowmen, getting off from school because of the snow, and all that fun stuff. I [also] love being cozy like just sitting and watching the snow fall with hot cocoa. Love it,” sophomore nursing major Matiana Valdez said. 

Long Island natives are surprised to see a winter without at least one blizzard. 

“I think it’s definitely odd, especially because I’m from here we usually get one big snowstorm or at least a few days [of snow]. It’s definitely also peculiar because the groundhog said there would be six more weeks of winter and I haven’t seen much of that, “ junior education major Jill Meaney stated. 

Valdez, who is also a Long Island native, feels similarly. 

“I think it’s kinda concerning considering the fact that it used to snow a lot, especially when I was younger. We would have multiple blizzards a winter and now we have little to no snow at all so I think that’s pretty interesting.” 

This warmer winter makes it difficult for some to ignore the topics of climate change and global warming. However, it could also just be similar to warmer winters that Long Island has had in the past.

For the most part, Post students are concerned with the impacts of climate change on the winter we are experiencing. However, they do find some points to counteract that notion.

“I mean I am definitely worried about [the warmer winter] because I’ve noticed it has been getting a little warmer and I think we as a society can do a lot more to help out and I feel like we always just push climate change to the side. I’m also thinking about the location and I know Long Island is not very known for snow and I mean it has been pretty cold,” Hennig voiced. 

Meaney does feel similarly but expresses a little less concern.

“I’m not one to bring up climate change, but I am a little nervous about it. As of right now, we have had a mix of some cold days so I’m not too worried.”

Nonetheless, it is a bit skeptical that we haven’t seen snow this winter considering snow days have seen consistency in the past. But as Meaney stated, “the groundhog said there would be six more weeks of winter,” so maybe there are still chances for some snow in the near future.

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