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Who Is The Next Post Idol?

 Samantha McGarry

On March 7th in the Cinema Room of Hillwood Commons, all ears were listening as students showed their voice at LIU’s own Post Idol. Students had gone through three rounds to make it to the stage show, like on the real “American Idol”, to show everyone at Post, including the judges, that they were the next Post Idol.

Like on American Idol, Post Idol had three judges who determined which contestants made it to the next round.  “I felt Post Idol had many similar things to American Idol, like the judges and how they gave feedback,” said freshman Nina Hemby.  “It just could have been a little more organized when they did the elimination round.”

Post Idol made it very clear that they had a Paula, Simon, and Randy, like from the original “American Idol.” The feedback that each judge gave was interesting, real, and even harsh. Judges said how they either loved the performance or hated it.

The competition had 13 contestants, with nine female contestants and only four male contestants. The voices varied from amazing to not so great.

Songs the contestants chose came from a lot of different genres with songs like “Motivation” by Kelly Rowland, Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away”, and even “Vienna” by Billy Joel. Adele seemed to be a popular choice, with two contestants singing “Someone Like You” and one singing “Rolling in The Deep.”

At the end of the performances, each judge handed in their tallies for each contestant. All the contestants stepped up onto the stage to see if they were able to make it to the next round of Post Idol. Nine contestants made it to the next round.

Each contestant who was moving on had 2 weeks to prepare for the next round. Round Two is March 21st at 9 p.m. in Hillwood Cinema. Find out who your next Post Idol will be!

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