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Wild, Wild Post

Veronica Spettmann 

If you walked anywhere near the athletic fields on Saturday, October 22nd, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., you likely noticed that it looked a lot like a carnival. Welcome to the C.W. Post Homecoming.

As you approached the tent to get your tickets to the game, you saw a free carnival, offering a rock wall, a ferris wheel, and an array of bouncy castles. You were greeted by pleasant fall decorations and the luscious smell of barbecue. Eric Zirlinger, the senior assistant director of the Office of Student life and Leadership Development also probably greeted you.  Of course, a lot of work goes into making Homecoming what it is every year, but Zirlinger and his co-workers didn’t seem to feel the pressure.  He said, “There is nothing difficult about it because it is what students wait for.  Everyone turns out; the smallest kids, who could be the future Post generations, as well as the past and current students all together eating candy and enjoying themselves.”

Once you entered the gates to the Homecoming event, you were surrounded on both sides by tables representing dozens of groups from C.W. Post, as well as some fly-away cotton candy from Delta X. Every table had something different to offer and something fun to do. There were even clowns on stilts and performing tricks for attendees to enjoy.

Lynne Schwartz, the Associate Director of Counseling Services coordinator, the C.W. Post Parent and Family Connection, and also a Post alumni said, “The most exciting part about this year’s homecoming is the commitment from the various clubs. It shows positive spirit and a collective pride in the campus.”

Students didn’t seem to mind putting in a little extra work to help make Homecoming special. Chris Kwozko, a graduate student studying secondary English education, was representing SGA (Student Government Association) and P.A.G.A.N.S. at Homecoming, and he felt that it was well worth the effort. He said, “Homecoming is worth the extra work because it builds a sense of school spirit and community. It is a great time to be with family, friends, and alumni who may have been in our shoes not long ago.”

Those students who were not in the parking lot tailgating, frequenting the beer tent, or participating in games and crafts at the various club tables may have noticed the stands at the game. One side was completely full with people dressed in green and gold, all cheering and chanting.  The other side, held what amounted to merely a handful of families coming from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. If the spirit of the day wasn’t evident in the turnout alone, the attendance at the game surely would have shown any stranger to Post just how much pride there is in the C.W. Post community.

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