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Will Two Keep a Secret if One of Them is Dead?

Taylor Williams


Attention all you Pretty Little Liars fans, it’s Wednesday, October 19 and if you’re anything like me, you’ve been awaiting this day since August 30, when the first half of season two came to an end. For the past year, the ABC Family show has kept us on the edge of our seats as we’re dying to know who the heck A is! Well tonight, we may come one step closer to the mystery.

The Halloween special of PLL is sure to leave is with more burning questions by time it ends and the fact that we have to wait until January 13 to see the second half of the season doesn’t help the case. What makes waiting for the special so nerve racking? This prequel shows us what happened before Alison Diluents went missing. That’s right, we actually get an episode where Ally’s alive for the whole episode and doesn’t just appear in flashbacks.

What about Emily, Aria, Spencer and Hanna you might be wondering? We see them as they were before the mysterious disappeared of miss DiLaurentis! Spoiler, get ready to see ‘Hefty Hanna’ back in action, Aria pre Mr. Fitz with her pink hair, Spencer being Spencer, and Emily, when she actually liked boys. Rumor even has it that Ally will be telling a twisted “scary story” about twins to a bunch of little kids and if this doesn’t make sense, then you must not have researched the books where the plot of what really happened to Ally involves an evil twin and a sinister plan, but shhhh, I’ll let you read the novels for those juicy details!

With Halloween just weeks away, it was nice that ABC would torture us err reward us with the holiday themed special if I do say so myself. My only problem is after watching the episode, I’m going to want more and waiting two months just isn’t going to cut it! What am I going to do in the mean time? I guess I’ll just have to ready the books to get my fix of my favorite Rosewood miscreants! But what am I going to do without my hot men of Rosewood each week on my television screen? There’s always season one on DVD!

So my fellow PLL fans, will you be watching the Halloween special tonight? I know I will and with much glee. But remember, someone’s watching you, and they know what you’re doing, so you better behave…A.

Watch the Halloween special of Pretty Little Liars tonight at 8pm on ABC Family.

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