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Winnick: Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

Students still unhappy with Winnick

Taylor Williams

With the recent stomach virus that plagued the C.W. Post campus last week, many students began to wonder if it was this “virus” they were being told of, or if it was something more.

Questions arose with the spread of this virus and its involvement to dining experiences at Post. Could have anything to do with the numerous students who were admitted to the hospital? It was said to have been a large coincidence for students to get sick barely 48 hours after majority of the dorming students settled back in.

“Dining Services always works closely the Nassau County Department of Health and follows stringent guidelines for food safety,” said Director of Dining Services, Shawn Carvajal. “Since the illness is believed to be a Norwalk-like virus, which can be spread more readily through human contact, we took the precaution of wrapping fruits with their peal on.”

If you dorm, then you know there aren’t many options on campus to eat. You can go to Hillwood and possibly catch the Little Shop of Commons open or settle for a Subway sandwich. Then there’s Winnick, the more popular of the eateries to grab a quick dinner and maybe some dessert. Then there is the infamous college student dilemma of ordering in or going out to eat. However, that can become a costly expense in a college student’s budget.

Being that Winnick does see the most foot traffic for dorming students, it should be a priority to please them and meet their nutritional needs. “Students always complain after eating at Winnick,” said sophomore Sociology major Samantha Osgood, “I think food poisoning is completely believable!” Osgood was adamant about her feelings. “For the amount of money we pay to attend school and for room and board we deserve much better food in terms of quality,” she said.

Winnick stays on top of keeping the facility clean doing such tasks as manicuring the salad bar when it becomes messy and having clean dishes ready at the needs of hungry students. However, the dining atmosphere has a lot to do with the experience and not just the cleanliness of the cafeteria style-dining hall. Marissa Santomaso, a junior Public Relations major exclaimed, “Although since the ‘outbreak’ Winnick has been trying to step up their game, the service is almost embarrassing.” Marissa also added, “the workers are rude and at time too forward with the students and aside from a select few staff members, it’s impossible to get a smile or cordial ‘you’re welcome’.”

When options are limited, it’s hard to be picky about one of the main dining halls. However, there are changes that you can make to help better the experience. The main one is the suggestion box. If you have a comment or a concern, it is your right and responsibility to voice your opinion so that the director of Aramark (the food service) knows what needs to be done to please their customers.

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