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Winter Wonderland at C.W. Post

Winter Session

By Sandra Elien

Cold weather, snow, potential blizzards; not the time for attending classes right? During the winter session, 44 courses were available at C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University. These courses provided students with the ability to get ahead, or get a jump-start into one’s college career at 1/3 off the tuition rate. These courses provided the opportunity to earn credits in 10 days.

This winter session had a significant increase in the number of students enrolled in the 44 courses available; this past winter session also attracted many visiting students studying at other colleges.

Along with traditional courses in basic drawing and figure painting, The School of Visual and Performing Arts readily accommodated students by providing courses in digital imaging, and Photoshop, as well as graduate digital design. Courses consisting of an introduction to sociology, social institutions, and American visions and critiques were also made available over the winter break. These courses systematically studied the social relationships and behavior occurring in human society. The department of Psychology also offered a variety of courses such as the psychology of humor and the psychology of wild dolphin social behavior in Costa Rica.

Throughout the course of the winter session, courses from the core curriculum were also made available in an effort to fulfill prerequisites in a degree program. These courses included Introduction To Macroeconomics, Economics for Investors, Composition: Argument/Analysis, Western Literature To Renaissance, Western Literature: Enlightenment To Modern, Substance Abuse, American Civilization Since 1877, Elementary Italian 1, Teaching Methodologies, Beginning Philosophy, and Introduction to Political Science.

“The break between the fall semester and the winter session can be viewed as a time to take classes in a short period of time,” Janice Jrasso, an alumnus of the class 1987 said. Although, the winter session included periods of decent weather compared to previous winter session that had to overcome, for example, heavy snow in the between 2009 to 2010. The course work was comparable. “Students have to work just as hard in both semesters,” Jrasso said.

Though signing up for winter courses can have its disadvantages, there is a benefit. Andrew Cordero, a Music Education major, agreed that the smaller and convenient classes offered five days a week allowed students to build close personal relations with their professors, which may enrich students’ ability to grasp the various concepts presented in the courses.

This winter session proved to be a success for various reasons. Statistics showed that 415 students, 28 of which were visiting students, sought to enrich their academic curriculum. These visiting students consisted of individuals from other colleges and universities who may have wanted to delve in other academic programs to satisfy degree program requirements in exchange for transfer credits at their university.

Michael Santoro from Non-Traditional Student Programs discovered that many visiting students were from the University of Delaware, Georgetown University, Syracuse University and Tulane University. The most popular courses were English 8- Western Literature, Criminal Justice 60- Terrorism, Health Education 205- Substance Abuse, Art 31- Ceramics.

In essence, the winter session provided the opportunity for students to fulfill degree requirements at 1/3 the tuition in 10 days. The classes during the winter break not only appealed to the C.W. Post community, but to other universities and colleges as well.





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