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Winter Wonderland No More!

Snow causing parking problems and hazards to students

By Genna Apfel

It seems as if this snow will never stop. Some people like it because they admire the excitement it creates. Crisp snowflakes that you can catch on your tongue, building a snowman, or perhaps skiing down a beautiful white blanket of snow. Hot chocolate with a pile of whip cream that you can lick off your lip works as a good remedy to this cold harsh weather. Then again bad snowstorms prevent you from returning to school or work; almost like a dream come true.

What people do not enjoy about the snow has been causing a ruckus on the C.W. Post Campus. Mountains of ice and snow are building up so high that it is beginning to seem like a good idea to make an igloo out of it.  Black ice is covering the ground causing people to slip and slide. The worst part of it all is the frozen snow piled on top of cars. Many students have been frustrated because the snow has not been plowed in parking lots on campus. Parking lots are supposed to be used for students and faculty to park, and the one thing keeping these spots vacant is the snow.

Most people can agree that snow can make driving dangerous because it can cause card to skid, potentially causing an accident. Snow can also make walking just as dangerous. Brookville Hall for example, a dorm building on campus, does not have the parking lots plowed. Students who park their cars near Brookville are finding it difficult to park, due to the ice and snow. It is a challenge to get out of cars without being bombarded by the boulders of snow.

Sam Tenadu III, Environmental Science major, was not able to find any parking spots. “It is absolutely ridiculous that someone has not cleaned up this parking lot. There are so many spots available, but the snow is in the way so students are parking their cars crooked, which is taking up more than one spot,” said Tenadu. “I go around the campus and it seems as if Brookville Hall is the only residential parking lot that looks like this. It is really unfair.”

Samantha Osgood, Sociology major, did not have a good experience as she attempted to have a bite to eat at the Winnick cafeteria. “I fell on the stairs behind Winnick. It was ridiculous that they weren’t shoveled,” said Osgood. “The school should have handled the snow a lot better. Even areas like the chipmunk trail should be safer to walk on because people can get really hurt.”

C.W. Post is a place for students to explore their surroundings and be in a safe environment. It is the responsibility of the school to ensure a secure environment for students, faculty, and visitors, even if that means in harsh weather conditions. With the help of public safety and the sanitation departments, they can help prevent accidents and make this campus a better place.



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