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Workaholics Star has a New Show

By Michael Themistocleous
Staff writer

On Friday, October 25 Comedy Central held a conference call between Adam Devine and college publications from all over the country. In that hour Devine, of Workaholics and Pitch Perfect fame, discussed everything from parties, his colleagues, his teenage years, and his new show Adam Devine’s House Party, which airs Thursdays at 12:30 AM on Comedy Central. Always comedic, Devine wished for the readers of every paper to know that he was “having some great farts” during the call. So, keep that in mind as you read.

Adam Devine’s House Party is a half scripted, half improvised show, mixed with stand-up from his old colleague, and a recurring giant house party held at his fictionalized estate. Each week there is a new short story starring a new stand-up comedian. “This is what I wanted it to be about,” said Devine, “Just a few old buddies of mine and I getting together, partying. It really gives them a chance to broadcast themselves as well, which all of them deserve.”

Devine eagerly discussed the new show, and the differences it has from Workaholics. “House Party is a very different thing,” he said, “Workaholics is a twenty-two minute story, while House Party is just a seven minute short. House Party is my thing, and while Blake and Anders (from Workaholics) appear, it’s very brief. This is just a solo show to show my old stand-up buddies.”

While Devine said how much he loves the new format of shooting, he did discuss the future of Workaholics. “I hope to keep the show going,” he said, “Season four starts in January, and it’s been going great so far. All of us are signed on for season five.”

Devine noted the influence and involvement of Comedy Central, who allegedly have a very lax way of handling stars like him. “They are great,” Devine said, “they’re always open for new ideas, and they give us a lot of leeway with creativity. Plus, they let me smoke weed. That’s the best job ever.”

DeVine moved to Los Angeles after high school looking to have a successful career in comedy. It was in California that Devine met future coworker, Blake Anderson. In this time, they rented a house where they now film Workaholics, and held parties.
“It all started senior year of high school,” noted Devine, “I had 700 to 800 kids over and we were all drinking. The cops came and I said, ‘sorry, officers, is the music too loud?’ and I told them I would get everyone out, which lead to me going back and screaming, ‘run, the cops are here. Everybody run.’ Then, Blake and I threw a few together. He jumped off the roof and broke his back. If I had the brains of Adam DeMamp [from Workaholic] I’d be dead.”

Despite the messing around, Devine has had a successful career, going on four years strong in his serious television involvement. Although details were vague, it appears he will have a very busy 2014. This includes Workaholics, Modern Family and a possible stand-up special. “There’s already so much happening,” he said, “I really hope Comedy Central keeps House Party. It’s a lot of work, but it really is the best job ever.”
Devine delivered a short bit of advice, before a three minute goodbye session to the conference: “Please remember, spread the gospel and don’t do meth. Breaking Bad was great, but don’t do meth.”

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