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Would You Vote For Trump?

Matt Marando

If you caught “The Roast of Donald Trump” on MTV a few weeks ago, you now know it is a possibility the famous billionaire may be in the running for the 2012 Presidential Election.

According to the New York Post, Donald Trump is “seriously” considering running for the position. Best known for being the host of “The Apprentice” with that famous catch phrase, “You’re Fired!” and that horrible comb-over, Donald Trump hates what is happening to our country and the economy, as we all do.

It’s tough to say what his plans are regarding changing the circumstances of our country, or whether or not he will make a decent President. Whether you take him seriously or not, the question still stands: If Donald Trump was in the running for the 2012 Presidential Election, would you vote for him? Here’s what some of you guys thought!

Casey Curran, Sophomore, Criminal Justice & Political Science: “I would! I feel like a lot would get done. He knows how to make money, and he could probably bring our debt down.”

Rob Hallam, Freshman, Business: “I probably wouldn’t because I don’t think he has a political background to be President.”

Talent Harris, Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy: “No, because he doesn’t have a lot of political experience.”

Natalie Villanueva, Freshman, Journalism: “I wouldn’t vote for him only because he’s looked at as an icon; someone who can’t be taken seriously. In my opinion he does have adequate experience to run the country.”

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