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Writing Center Launches New After Hours Service

New writing center service

Jacqueline Favaloro

Have you ever sat down on a Wednesday night to write a paper due Thursday and had no clue where to start? As students, we know that waiting until the last minute to do an assignment is usually how most of us function. Thanks to the C.W. Post Writing Center, our questions will no longer go unanswered. This semester the Writing Center has created a service called After Hours, to help students with late night assignments.

The service is available Monday through Thursday from 8:00 to 10:00 pm. “This semester we’re really excited about the After Hours service,” said senior Stephanie Main, a tutor at the Writing Center. “It’s designed to help students with their writing or English-related needs at a time when most students are doing their homework either in the dorm or home.”

There will be at least two tutors available to help students with any questions they have. The tutors, which are full time students ranging from undergraduate to graduate, can be reached in many different ways such as in person, by phone, and even Skype. “We’ve been utilizing an e-mail system and Skype for those who physically can’t be at the Writing Center,” said Meryl Lumba, a tutor. “Students who don’t want a full 45 minute session to ask short questions would most likely benefit from the service. We would hope that students will utilize it.”

According to Lumba, After Hours was created to help cater to all the students who may have short questions. “Recently, during the day, it gets really busy and when students come in with simple questions, sometimes they might interrupt other sessions or not get helped right away,” said Lumba. “We decided it would be best to have some time set aside to help them in a more appropriate time and fashion.”

Some students are already praising the service. Senior Riley Cassidy says, “I think it is a great service that students should utilize. The service is really helpful.” Junior Dan Caccavale has had a different experience. “They only give you a certain amount of time,” said Caccavale. “If you still need them you have to reschedule, which makes it useless when you have a deadline. I don’t think the service will be beneficial.”

If you would like to check out the new After Hours service yourself, you can stop by Humanities 202, call 516-299-2732, send an e-mail to, or check them out on Facebook, Twitter (@WritingCenterCW), or Skype (cwpwritingcenter).

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