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Sororities and fraternities are a great way to make friends on campus.  There are four sororities and two fraternities on campus plus cultural sororities and fraternities. There is sure to be one that peaks your interest. This week we’re featuring CW Post’s own sorority Alpha Epsilon Phi.

Seven women founded this sorority in 1907 at Barnard College. The main idea behind starting this sorority was for girls not to feel like they had to be a certain elite in order to be chosen for a sorority. These girls wanted everyone to feel welcome and hold life-long friendships.

Megan Doodian, junior Photography major, transferred to Post her sophomore year and wanted a place to meet some friends. She joined Alpha Epsilon Phi this past spring. “I joined Alpha Epsilon Phi because I was a transfer commuter student and I really wanted to get involved with my new school.  I also wanted a group of solid friends who I knew would have my back no matter what.”

Doodian she connects well with her sisters because, “we are very diverse, in background, values, and ideas but we all respect each other and are willing to learn from one another. We can’t describe it to someone looking in, it can only be an experience once you’re inside, it’s a very special bond we have.  Our bond is much deeper than being friends, you truly feel that you are sisters with each girl in your organization.”

Not only do the girls make bonds with one another, they help others and organizations as well.  Their local philanthropies are breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, and anything that affects one of their members. Their national philanthropies are the Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric Aids Foundation. Glazer is a sister of Alpha Epsilon Phi.

Jessica Matilda Pereira, a junior Education and History major, joined Alpha Epsilon Phi, “because for my first year and a half in college, I did nothing but come to school, go to work, and come home. It’s hard as a commuter student to get involved in school because the majority of us have part time jobs. I wanted to be a part of something that was more than just a club, rather a group of people who were going to be there no matter what.”

When asked what types of philanthropy they do, Pereira said, “We do more than just wear letters, we go out and help people around us.”  They have bake sales for breast cancer many times in Hillwood.  They also attended the Jones Beach walk last year, and the Diabetes Walk at SUNY Old Westbury, which was in support for one of their own sisters.

When asked if she has already made life long friends in her sorority, Pereira stated, “ I know I’ve made them here at Alpha Epsilon Phi because these girls are my sisters no matter what, even after I graduate I will still be able to count on them for anything.”

To make your mark on C.W. Post, choose the right extra-curricular activities that fit you. If you are interested in a fraternity-sorority, check out our school’s website and see when the sororities and fraternities meet. Or wait till Rush week when the Greek organizations are recruiting new members.  These girls have found where they wanted to be, now it’s your turn!

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