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Your Goals to a Better Semester

Kathleen Joyce

Classes, check.  Textbooks, a sort of check; you’ll get to them when you get the money. New school clothes, a definite check. Goals for the semester?  Each student has his/her own reason for going to school, but the bottom line is we all want to succeed.  Maybe in the past we slacked off for numerous reasons such as work, partying, not knowing what to expect and many other things. But it’s not too late! With a new semester, you have a brand new chance to start over, and bring up your cumulative average. Your fellow classmates have similar views on what they want to accomplish this semester.

Junior Journalism major Jazlyn Beltre says, “My goal is to get a perfect, or near perfect GPA. To do this, I even took two extra days off from work to devote to studying and getting better grades.”

Senior Photography major Emily Rawson has similar goals, “I hope to get better grades. I kind of slacked off last year in some of my C.O.R.E. classes when I know I could have done better. I hope that this year I go out with a bang, and my grades look great.”

Junior Criminal Justice major Will Adams has a very specific goal, “ I just want to be able to afford the semester. I have to pick up more hours at work and pray that I don’t have to take out loans. I will definitely study hard and show up for all my classes.”

Freshman Michelle Wilson, undeclared, says, “I just hope to make some new friends. This is my first year away from home and I just want to make some new friends, decide what I want to do and have a good time. Isn’t that what college is about?”

The semester is only a week underway, we have the power to make it a great semester, or flush it down the toilet (but that wouldn’t be a good idea). Your professors are always there for extra help, and there are many workshops on campus that readily supply help.  Making new friends is always a great way to start a semester, so even if you have to go out of your comfort zone to join a new club, it might be worth it. You’ll be able to connect with others, and you’ll have somebody to hang out with long after classes are over. These are just a few ideas; the possibilities are endless.  Now what are your goals going to be?

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