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10 Odd Questions

By Chloé Margulis
Staff Writer

Zhang is a freshman Computer Science major
Zhang is a freshman Computer Science major

Xinyu Sirie Zhang is an international student starting her freshman year at LIU Post with a major in Computer Science. Sirie was raised in China; she loves to cook and knows how to make many delicious Chinese delicacies. Sirie might be a master of the kitchen when it comes to preparing meals, but she also wants to learn how to bake cakes. Back home in China, Sirie has two adorable dogs named Panda and Snoopy, and one of Sirie’s hobbies is to collect fluffy dolls. Here are Sirie’s answers to a few questions about her life in America and China.

My favorite meal my mom makes back in China is: Dumplings! First, it is the traditional Chinese food. It’s very delicious and tastes absolutely different from American dumplings. Second, I enjoy the process of making dumplings. We always make dumplings together, and have a lot of fun talking.

What I like most about China is: The food, because it has many different types. Each type also has a different style, so for us, it is almost impossible to be tired of Chinese food!

My favorite Chinese holiday is: The Spring Festival. It’s the most important festival in China, just like Christmas is in America. It’s the festival to celebrate Chinese New Year. We all have a lot of holidays, and the whole family will be together to have lunch and dinner. The elderly will also give children money.

For my first Halloween in America: I just went to a Halloween party! I dressed up with a moonlight bite costume. I would have loved to go trick-or-treating, but not sure if that’s okay to do at my age. I also wanted to go to the city to see the parade!

My favorite thing about New York is: The people in New York, especially at our school! I was so nervous to go to another country alone with another language. But, I do feel very warm because people are really kind [and] help me a lot!

If I were to give advice to someone moving to China, I would tell them: There are really too many people in China. So if you want to move to China, you should feel comfortable with the crowd, especially in the city.

The biggest difference I noticed between American and Chinese cultures is: When we eat out in China we don’t need to give tips, and the tax doesn’t need to be calculated as extra.

I chose to come to America instead of Europe, for example, because: There are more universities that I can choose from. And for me, I think Europe is better to travel, and America is better to study!

The wildest thing I would want to do in my life is: Absolutely travel the world! If I do have a lot of money, I’m not going to buy luxuries, I will save it and travel the world to see more different and interesting things.

During a typical weekend in China: I always have lunch with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. Sometimes I go shopping with my mom, and other times I stay at home with my parents, enjoying TV shows, and talking a lot.

BONUS QUESTION –My favorite thing about LIU Post is: First, the grass and trees! It’s just like studying in the park; we can sit in the center of the lawn. Second is the people! On the first day I got here, many people helped me.

Mariel Bourie entered LIU Post this year as a freshman majoring in Vocal Performance. Mariel has been playing the piano and singing since she was eight years old. Aside from her musical talents, Mariel also gets involved in expressing herself through dance by doing gymnastics, kick line, and cheerleading for parts of her life. She has an older sister who also attends Post, and as an animal lover, she has two cats. When Mariel isn’t singing, playing piano, and getting involved in all the other activities she loves, she is working at Roosevelt Field Mall.

My first travel memory is: I went to California when I was five because my uncle and aunt live in San Francisco, and all I remember from the trip is throwing up from the plane ride and listening to Yellow Submarine by the Beatles.

The place I’d most like to visit someday is: Italy. One thing I can’t go to classes without is: My iPad.

The last thing I do before going to bed is: Check my phone.

My favorite fashion designer is: Chanel.

In the future I want to be: A famous singer/songwriter.

The singer/band/entertainer I would want at the Tilles Center would be: Either Lana Del Rey or The Weekend.

My soul food is: My mom’s apple pie.

My favorite part about Halloween is: Getting to wear a costume.

I go to LIU because: I love the campus, as well as the small class sizes that allow for individual attention.

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