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A Happy Ending

By Harry Pearse
Staff Writer

Although the New York weather hasn’t helped us too much in the first weeks of spring, we all need to make sure we end the semester on a high note!

Of course, having beautiful sunny days and singing along to Kygo or Thomas Jack (DJs who, if you haven’t heard them, you need to check out!) help when it comes to being happy and having a generally good day. However, there are other ways for us to lift our own spirits.

Getting plenty of sleep is a key to getting a good level of serenity. Last week, “the City That Never Sleeps” really did deprive me of any shut eyes. Mix this with working on my English assignment all night to meet the Monday deadline, and it really created a monster in me for the start of the week.

You can ask the boys; I wasn’t my normal, excited self for 7 a.m. practice. But on the eve of Tuesday night (I know that sounded a bit like Game of Thrones), I caught up on every wink that I had lost over the past few days, which led me to an amazing wake-up on Wednesday, giving me a burst of energy throughout the day.

There are some classes that are most tedious and I find so hard to work for. It’s tough even getting through the hour and 20 minutes
of content they have to offer. Sometimes I even have to deface the dreaminess of a cup of tea, and not put milk in it, just to keep me awake. Once something or someone ruins my cup of tea, that’s just it!

One way in which we can overcome such sleepy and boring times is to set for ourselves something to look forward to, much like a reward after all the hard work you endured over the week. For example: a big night out in the city on the weekend, or maybe extra long mornings
in bed for some of you sleepy heads, such as Johan Kristjansson, a sophomore International Business major, who just can’t wait to get a nap in after a long week.

There are obviously so many more different activities to treat oneself with, such as visiting all the breweries Long Island has to offer and the vast amount of beaches in the Hamptons. Have a think, chat with your friends and get something organized. The front desk at Hillwood has got information on stuff you could partake in.

Although there may be rain, or a brisk breeze hauling over Long Island, try and smile. You always bring your own, or someone else’s, mood up just with one turn of those luscious lips. As I have said in many articles throughout this semester, being happy is a necessity to happiness.

I know it sounds stupid, but think of a dog: when we all see a
dog prancing around with its tongue, not a care in the world, it makes everyone smile and feel good. Now, I’m not suggesting you start jumping about and slobbering all over people in Hillwood, but try to have a good day, no matter what the big man himself throws at you. Have a week filled with smiles, and a happy ending to the semester.

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