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A Letter From the Editors in Chief

To the Association for Campus Programming Executive Board and the Offices of Student Life and Services- in regards to Homecoming 2010 Photo Collage:

Although it is not our responsibility to represent C.W. Post any certain way – positive or negative – it was NOT our intention to denote the lack of coverage or diversity ACP and the Office of Student Life and Leadership worked so hard to produce.  We recognize your efforts and agree that there could have been more exemplifying Post unity, which you so carefully described to us.  That being said, as much as we appreciate your comments and concerns, we have the right to publicize Homecoming in any way we desire. We are deeply sorry that you are disappointed but instead of demanding your letter be published, take into consideration that listing your concerns about Homecoming is very different than “All that we ask is everyone is thanked appropriately for their hard work and dedication.”  Again, not our responsibility.  If the “Post Pride” you speak so highly about was in fact existent, then the mere acknowledgement of Homecoming being the success it was should have been rewarding enough.  To avoid any more conflict we would like to work together to gain the coverage we lacked.  The events you spoke of would have been great to cover for the Pioneer.  Let’s keep in touch; you already know our email.

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