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A New Destination and a Renovation: Espresso Your Opinion

Jaclyn Goldstein

Out with the old and in with the new! Those who returned to C.W. Post, you may have noticed that Hillwood underwent several changes since the spring semester.  For many students, Subway in the Hillwood Commons is a popular destination to grab a quick lunch with friends.  The notoriously long line during peak hours (especially common hour) throughout the past years prompted renovations during the summer. According to the C.W. Post Dining Services website, the renovations that took place were intended to speed up service to make the wait shorter.

Subway no longer shares the space with Java City, which was eliminated from the Hillwood Commons.  However, for those who need their daily infusion of caffeine, Hillwood’s newest addition this year is Starbucks, which is located in what used to be the Little Shop of Commons. Also you may notice that those who previously worked in Java City are now working in Starbucks. This is great news for many, especially for the students who dorm as it will no longer be necessary to drive to Wheatley Plaza to purchase your customized cup of joe.

On the first day of classes, both students and faculty could be found waiting on the very long line at the popular coffee shop throughout the day.  You may have even noticed more Starbucks cups on the desks in classrooms than usual.  The newly renovated Subway was thriving with business as always while students waited on line to order their sandwiches. When senior Social Work major Lauren Fiore was asked her opinion on the renovated Subway and new Starbucks, she responded, “I think the subway expansion is a good idea. Hopefully more students will be able to be served during busy times like common hour. As for Starbucks, I’m more than excited to say the least! I think that it being built in Hillwood Commons is the best location on campus and will definitely do well!”   While there are students who will often be found at the new Starbucks, there are those who are unfazed by Hillwoods added luxury.  When asked his opinion on Starbucks, senior Geography major Abrom Shepard replied, “I don’t really drink coffee.  Starbucks will definitely not affect me.  I only like the white chocolate mocha.  I think they should open a McDonalds.”

Like everything, there will be people who are for and against the new Starbucks.  For many, the opening of Starbucks is very convenient and will have a positive effect on the future of C.W. Post.  For others, it’s just not their cup of tea.

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