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By Harry Pearse
Staff Writer

The majority of us, as students, seem to lack this great notion of ambition. We seem to not care about what we want to be, nor do we show the work ethic we need in order to accomplish our dreams.

Too many of us are bystanders in a world that needs doers! The world outside of college is harsh and hard, and doesn’t tolerate people who don’t have a direction of where their ultimate goal in life is. Having ambition doesn’t require you to have an athlete’s mentality of “never giving up” or “pushing yourself so far to the edge” that it becomes unhealthy. No, it’s having a clear picture of where you want to go, what you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve aspirations.

Ambition is something you may not “dream” about doing but it gives you this inherent sense of goodness and accomplishment, if you work towards what you want. It is so important for our minds to have stability, something we can hold onto and set targets to achieve.

Many people of our generation like to be lazy, and don’t like to think of all the responsibilities that they may have to face after college. Sometimes this isn’t a bad thing, and if it “floats your boat” then be my guest to pursue an attitude such as this one. But realizing what you want for yourself, and a place where you feel as though you have accomplished your main desires, is something of the gods. Extremely rewarding.

It doesn’t have to be a big dream of becoming a Heisman trophy winner, or the MVP in the NBA. Ambition is something that can be such an easy concept to understand, but it does take work. But then again, doesn’t anything you want to achieve require some sort of mental, academic and physical work?

For example, maybe you want to have a good internship in your sophomore year, which means you will have to make sure you do well in your classes from the start of your freshman year; you may want to join a club, which will look great on your resume; or you might want to get physically fit so you look good for your interview.

Any of these reasons are part of someone’s ambition. You want to be able to reach all of these small goals to then achieve your ultimate goal, which may be a job in the field that you have a degree in. An ambitious mentality and desire to triumph will lead you closer and closer to your end game.

Some other people may not be going that extra mile, or practicing their inner ambition, so how about you go above and beyond to succeed? Surely you just increase your chances, right?

Many of us don’t know what we want, and we don’t have to, to have ambition. That’s not how it works! Ambition stems from your mind, your psyche. It is a mentality of achievement, in anything. So let’s all try and get an A on that English essay, or win the national championships, or maybe start to drive in 2016! These are all things that people can make happen with just a shift toward ambition.

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