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Are Seniors Ready for Graduation?

Cristina Foglietta

For seniors, graduation is quickly approaching. Students have mixed feelings about the big day when they truly enter the real world outside the comfortable gates of college.

I am only a junior and I already feel the pressure of finding a job and facing the “real world.” I have to admit, the thought of being a grown up really scares me and I feel like I’m not ready for it. Honestly, I don’t really want to grow up! I know I sound like Peter Pan, but it can be very overwhelming to leave childhood behind and become an adult with a lot of responsibilities.

Unlike comfortable college life, in the real world, you must buy and cook your own food when you want to eat. I bet the meals at Hillwood and Winnick sound pretty good now. Of course, you can always order take out or eat at a restaurant but how can someone straight out of college afford that? Most students are already thousands of dollars in debt the day they graduate with tons of loans to pay off.

Then don’t forget a place to live. Finding an affordable apartment in decent condition in a good neighborhood can be extremely difficult; especially if you do not have a job or form of steady income. This leads me to the worry most students stress about quite frequently….finding a job.

Several seniors seem to be feeling the pressure. “I am nervous about finding a job in this economy. I think I will find better job opportunities in Korea and should move back there,” said senior finance major, Sung Joon. “I’m really stressed out about finding a job,” said Senior Sharla Celestin, who is a social work major.

Some are not that worried about getting a job. “I’m sure I’ll get some job, it doesn’t have to be in my field. I’m a hard worker,” said senior Forensic Science major, Rachel Kurtz. “If I don’t get a job, I’ll live with my parents who will support me. They love me no matter what,” Kurtz added. “I can’t wait to graduate to relax and finally have free time. I really want to leave New York and travel to other countries,” said Kurtz.

Some do not feel the transition from school to work is much of a change. “The work is never over. When school is over, I have to get a real job,” said senior Maria Bivona, a Public Relations major.

The reality is that graduation is coming soon whether the class of 2012 is ready for it or not. One main reason most students attend college is to get a better job, which is supposed to pay more. It is the ending so many have waited their whole lives for. But will it all turn out the way one hoped? After all this is not a movie, this is real life. Will we get the happy ending we wanted?

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