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Are You Ready To Be Entertained?

Sandra Elien

Are you wondering who might be performing at this year’s spring concert? Well, the Pioneer has got updates on what you can expect this year. Elon Daniel informed the Pioneer, about the upcoming spring concert, which will ultimately rely on several factors. She said that the person who will be coming to perform “depends on what the students [at Post] are looking for and the Association for Campus Programming’s budget.”

Although these factors may have an influence over who comes to perform, students play a large role in finalizing it. A survey was conducted in order to assess students’ specific preferences. Daniel said that the ACP used that information and that they have chosen the surprise artist but are now in the final stages of getting him/her. Daniel explained that even though all the details as to who will perform have been completed, the ACP must consider “whether the chosen artist is available and the amount of money we [ACP] have in the budget.”

You may be wondering why it has taken so long for the student body to be informed, and ACP feels that it’s because students need to be kept on their toes and coming back for more. The name of the artist will be released one to two weeks before the concert is scheduled to take place. In spite of pressing for clues as to who might be in the running, Daniel insisted that it’s best for us to wait and enjoy the surprise. She went on to say that the moment of silence will prevent giving students misleading insights that would “create anticipation for a concert that is not realistic.” The objective is not only to entertain but also to “make sure a well-rounded concert [that will make] people want to come out.” With last year’s success when Trey Songz came, the goal is to be new and different each year.

After asking several students who they would like to see perform this year, a variety of music genres emerged. For example, a student, who wished to remain anonymous, said that he would like to see Dead Mouse or Linkin Park perform, whereas Melissa Nyman, a music major, said that she would like to see Lady Gaga perform. How cool would that be? I definitely agree with Nyman on that. I think Lady Gaga’s performance would leave you “Gaga, ooh, la, la.” Nyman also insisted that it would be cool to attend the spring concert if it was “someone you would not expect to come here.” After much digging, it looks like we’ll just have to wait until one to two weeks before the concert to see whom our Trey Songz predecessor will be.

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